Hooniverse Two Wheel Tuesday: The What Are They Edition

As I have mentioned, I don’t really know alot about motorcycles. I mean if they have their logo on them, I can recognize them. I know a Norton was a pretty desirable bike back in the day, Ducatis run like the dickens and Triumphs, well they are British what can I say. However, I saw a couple out at that show last weekend that absolutely stumped this olelongrooffan.


  1. The first one is a Ner-A-Car. http://www.neracar.com
    The second one is a Marsh-Metz, which dates from 1905-1913(?)
    After that I think they made mostly automobiles, and somewhere along the way changed the name?

    1. The Marsh-Metz, isn't that the one you always see in WW1 films, usually being used by messengers?

  2. Thanks for the close-ups of the leaf suspension on the second bike, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Kinda makes me want to build my own hot-rod bicycle out of tube.

  3. I got some great pics of a Ner-A-Car at the Art of the Motorcycle when it was in Memphis.

  4. Ahh, the Ner-A-Car…
    It's about as close to riding one of the legendary Spagthorpe motorcycles as you'll ever get.

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