Hooniverse Truck Thursday: The Bianchi Green Ranger Edition

The Ranger series of trucks offered by the Blue Oval has met its demise but only after a long run as both full size pickup trucks as well as a smaller model in its later years. Recently, this olelongrooffan spotted one of the former while out at my local race track and I thought I might share a few images of it for this Hooniverse Truck Thursday.

This absolutely pristine example of the “Camper Special” appears to have had a total refurbishment as this was in excellent condition and its chrome shined brightly under the warm Florida sunshine.

It even possesses the “saddle” tank so desirable for long term traveling. Our old Dodge farm truck had the “suicide” tank located in the cab compartment as does this deco green one. Think you could get a truck this color these days?

My dad, TheGentlemanFarmer, had a similar era short bed back in the mid 80’s. His was a 67 and looked very much like this. During those years, about all that Ford did to their trucks from model year to model year was change the grill. If I’m not mistaken, this body style lasted from 67 to 72.

All in all, this is a beautiful truck but I would suspect it, as a “Camper Special”, probably possessed the huge 460 and it sucks petrol. As an aside, in the background of the above image is the 84 Cutlass I was sporting that Spring Fling weekend. Sold that 179,000 mile bearing beauty for a cool grand to some dude from down in MickeyMouseLand. It was his fourth similar era Cutlass. As I’ve had 3 E30 ragtops, this olelongrooffan has no room for comment here.

Yeah, my fellow Hoons, that old truck really captured my attention and I just had to share it with everyone. I’d totally rock on it to tow an old Airstream around, that’s for sure.

And I have this to say about that. FOMOCO was sure proud of this truck as is evidenced by the embroidery work on the bench seat of this classic old truck.

I had spotted one of these during my adventures out in Denver last summer. However that next gen Ranger possessed a longer wheelbase and

the supercool spare tire compartment on the passenger side.  Still not a bad idea today. I mean $50,000 for a nearly stripped pickup these days and the spare is still carried under the ass end of it?

I guess that is what AAA is for.

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