Hooniverse Presents: The Crown Victoria nursing home

Between the incubator and this here nursing home, most Crown Vics live a rather difficult life. Each one is used daily, not as commuter vehicle but as a moveable office, a battering ram, paddy wagon, storage room, or an ambulance.  Many of them work double, some triple, shifts, hardly ever getting their proper night rest.

They have idled endless hours and performed constant hard acceleration runs. They did their work in the most brutal of summer days and coldest and snowiest of winter times. When their service is done, they come here, the Massachusetts State Police Driver Training Facility. This is where they are picked for parts, used as training vehicles, or converted for a lesser civic duty or an auction.

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While the Crown Vics are not without their controversies, most often they are equally liked by the cops and the people who repair them. The cops like the strength and the mass of a body-on-frame design, whereas the mechanics find them easy to repair for the same reason.

There were many more Crown Vics in a neighboring yard, probably hundreds more, but that yard was fenced off. As seen in pictures the facility featured many other interesting police and military vehicles. If it looks similar, it’s because this is the place where I did my two autocrosses this summer. I didn’t see any signs that would prohibit photography at the facility, so hopefully I won’t be charged shot arrested fined in trouble or anything.

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