Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 331 – Not TUV Approved

This podcast is not TUV approved… but we’re still here to talk about a few things today. We want to know when a project car is ever really done? There are some details on Autopia2099 Summer 2022 and then we talk a bit about Hoonigan’s This vs That YouTube series. Finally, we then dive into some of your questions.

If you’d prefer the audio-only version, head to https://anchor.fm/hooniverse or check us out wherever you normally get your podcast party on. We’re on AppleGoogleSpotify, and more.


  1. Thanks for another episode! A humble request, please? Your two levels were rather far apart, hard to find a workable static volume setting: either Jeff too low or Ron droning too loud – a novel twist on the term “active listening”… I am not a sound production expert, but I am sure there is something one can do in ‘post’.
    Thanks for listening (<-ha!)

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