Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 305 – Zee Oh Six!

There’s a bit of an echo in this one, but that doesn’t stop us for talking all about the new Corvette Z06 and it’s insane-o 5.5-liter V8. That would be the one making 670 horsepower in naturally aspirated, flat-plane-crank style, while revving up to an 8,600 rpm redline. There are other things to talk about, of course, but it’s the Corvette that gets the conversation rolling.

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One response to “Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 305 – Zee Oh Six!”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    I’d have to go back, but wasn’t Gary Busey in a Volvo C30? It stood out as something a bit more unusual than just a normal hybrid (plus my wife has a thing for them, so I have a thing for any car she finds even remotely interesting).

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