Hooniverse Podcast: Episode 103 – The Dentist’s Car


On this week’s episode of the Hooniverse Podcast:

  • Producer Chris Hayes faces his impending duty of attending his sister’s wedding, and shuffling family members to sunny Temecula, which: 1.) is not Tehachapi, 2.) is, for all intents and purposes to an Angeleno, approximately the same distance from Chris’s house to the moon, and 3.) considered part of Californian “wine country,” which any part of California north of Jumbo’s Clown Room can really be considered “wine country.” There’s a lot of wine here.
  • Blake “Clever Middle Initial Gag Here” Rong contemplates buying a classic car, which is a thoroughly sound financial decision that any young man should undergo immediately and without further thought. 240Zs, old Benzes, etc. Chris, always the voice of reason, attempts to talk Blake out of this, but the sheer force of madness is too much to take. In his state of delirium, and in his desire to always support “the underdog,” no matter how inconceivably foolish, he even begins extolling the virtues of the Porsche 924! He—wait, what the hell? What was he/I thinking? THAT. IS. A. TERRIBLE. DECISION. TO. MAKE. Oh, and he drives a big ol’ Benz of some sort.
  • Jeff Glucker drives to the moon.

Hooniverse – The Dentist’s Car

Enjoy Episode 103 of the Hooniverse Podcast, brought to you by this guy, who’s selling a Porsche 924 Turbo that has everyone on Twitter involuntarily committing sinful 1980s lust. The true car collectors of the future are the ones who dare to be different by sinking entirely too many trust funds into rehabbing early experiments in turbocharging. For those about to rock, we salute you.

The big ol’ Benz in question. Hear about it on the Hooniverse Podcast!

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    AWWWESOME, indeed.

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