Yes, this is an impromptu Motorhome Monday here on Hooniverse. Jeff Glucker (you remember him, right?) did a great review over at Autoblog on a new Airstream Avenue. This is basically an upscale Chevrolet Express converted to do camping duties, and it seems impressive for what it is.

Jeff put this review into perspective with his first paragraph:

This is the time of year when you can’t help but realize that you’ve been tucked away in an office while the desk calendar has been the only one getting a workout. It’s time to look at a map and pack a bag. For me, the open road is always calling and, when a friend is ready to join in, it means the stars have aligned for a road trip. 
Those two little words create all kinds of questions, the first of which centers upon what type of vehicle to use. Thankfully, a brief call from Airstream put my name on the keys of a 2011 Avenue slumbering in a Los Angeles parking lot.

Follow Jeff on his adventure of discovery by Airstream using this link. And make sure you leave a comment to express your feelings about this posting, or the fact that Jeff left in the first place……
Images: Autoblog