Hooniverse Malaise Era Low Mileage Weekend Edition – A 1975 Oldsmobile 442 with 14,800 Miles

Continuing on with our Malaise Era Low Mileage Weekend with this 1975 Oldsmobile 442. By this time the Muscle Car nameplates were all relegated to soft semi-luxury coupes, with choked V-8 power, and next to no performance. However, they did handle better than their predecessors, were more comfortable cruisers, and were definitely better in the braking department. Unfortunately, they were wrapped in some of the most deplorable body styles ever…

This Oldsmobile is wearing the GM colonnade styling for the third year, and is generally free of all the 70s kitschy gingerbread that seemed to be troweled on every other car during this period. There is no vinyl roof covering, no small opera windows, no wide body-side molding, and it was a year away from adopting the gimmicky square headlamp face. It is also worth noting that this car lacks a bucket seat interior, a center console, and air-conditioning.

According to the listing:

’75 Cutlass 442 with only 14,797 original documented miles. In storage entire life. Driven only on Nice days a few times a year. All delivery documentation, (GM CANADA). one of 1050 imported to Canada with 442 package. Original unmolested genuine 4 barrel Olds Rocket 350. This beauty is totally original except for 8 track tape am-fm radio, and the all chrome 8 in. SS11 wheels, with almost new BFG tires. The paint is original pristine condition except for the factory stripe on the hood. ( has some crazing). It was also rustproofed upon delivery when new.

(It comes with 5 original painted white SS111 wheels with 4 new tires) The original spare is still in the trunk (unused). It also has custom true dual exhaust. All fluids (oil, trans, diff, antifreeze) have been changed.
The only things I could find not as new is the right front corner of the front bumper and some cracking of the stripe going down the center of the vehicle. Interior is flawless. No soiling, or damage. I just took this out of the garage for photos, and she started without hesitation, and driven for about 10 miles. She handles flawlessly, and runs like NEW. A copy of the ‘build Sheet” as provided by GM of Canada is included in the pictures.

The auction listing has about a day left, and the Buy-it-Now price is $17,200. GM Cars are valued above most Ford and Chrysler products, but is this 442 worth about the same as the Magnum I featured earlier? Remember, this car has a vinyl bench seat, column shift, and no A/C. See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

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