Hooniverse "It's 1987" Weekend Edition – The "I Want It" Desirables, with a Poll!

Continuing on with the Hooniverse “It’s 1987” Weekend, and I thought I would do another match-up with a very diverse set of vehicles, with the only thing in common being the Model Year of 1987. You see, this is the defining year that the Antique Automobile Club of America defines these cars as “Antiques”, having just passed the quarter century mark. Having said that, I thought I would comb through eBay motors for unusual cars and trucks that have made it into this rarefied category. Where else but Hooniverse could you choose between a Subaru Brat, a Toyota 4X4 Van, a Dodge Raider, a Chevrolet Caprice Wagon, and a Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Let’s start with one of the most Iconic Vehicles ever to come out of Japan, the 1987 Subaru Brat. It is hard to admit, but this Brat is 25 years old, and has only covered 27,000 miles. The 1987 model year was the last year the Brat was imported to North America, and by this time it lost the iconic rear facing seats. This was bought new by the original owner in 1988, and he had a couple of things done to it that might decrease its intrinsic value, but who cares? It’s a mint Brat… and the asking price makes this quite a Brat at $15,000. Take a look at the listing here, and tell me if this is the “Antique” worth buying.

Another Iconic Japanese vehicle is this Toyota 4X4 Van, known as the “Master Ace” in its home market. Unlike many of the other vehicles featured, this Van has well over 200,000 miles under its belt, but both the engine and transmission have been replaced, so you only have to worry about all the other moving parts that have traveled this journey that may need replacing sooner than later. These were very unusual vans when they were sold in the states, and offered a myriad of interesting options, from dual sunroofs to a mini refrigerator. This van is equipped with the rare manual transmission, and the dual Air-Conditioning system with the ice-maker. The Buy-it-Now price is $4,599 which is rather strong for a vehicle showing over 200K. See the listing here, and tell me what you think.

An American Icon if there ever was one is the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, which was a living “Antique” when is was still being produced. The 1987 Model Year was the transition period for the Jeep line, as Chrysler bought the lineup from AMC, and it has been written that the 1987 – 1991 versions of the Grand Wagoneer were the best of the bunch. This 1987 has covered over 177,000 miles, and the owner is very candid about the items that need attention. It is not a perfrct Wagoneer, but with the right amount of love and attention, this could be. The bidding is up to $920, and there is no reserve… How about that? See the listing here, and tell me what you think this Grand Wagoneer will sell for, and if it’s even all that desirable.

Speaking of Iconic American Iron, here is a Chevrolet Caprice Classic Station Wagon, dressed in the best Malaise Brown on Tan paint scheme ever. This desirable wagon has only 49,000 miles on the odometer, has a third row seat, luggage rack, and not a stick of vinyl-wood on its flanks. The Caprice hasn’t changed much from its 1977 debut, and now this 1987 is considered an “Antique”, and ready for shows across the country. The high bid for this low-mileage caramel colored cream-puff is sitting at $1,175, with no reserve… really! See the listing here, and tell me if this is the “Antique” wagon of your dreams.

And no for a Ringer. This is a 1987 Dodge Raider, which is essentially a Mitsubishi Montero that was sold by the Dodge Boys. The ringer is the fact that the owner dropped in a Mitsubishi Starion 2.6L 4-cylinder with a turbo. There was a lot of work putting this together, and the seller states that it is a good running truck. Twin electric fans for the radiator, and another set for the intercooler which should keep this machine running cool even in the desert. Speaking of the desert, the “pixelated” camo is paint, not stickers, just in case you wanted to know. The top bid for this project is $3,000 and the reserve has been met. See the listing here, and tell me if a Turbo Montero is your idea of an “Antique” that might get the job done, whatever the job may be.

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