Hooniverse Fastback Friday – Fastback to the Future

As I came across this splendid pic over at Imgur, I knew my Friday was rescued. I’ve always loved the BTTF movie series, to the extent that in my opinion it’s impossible to name any of them as the best one in the series; they must be watched in sequence, treated as a whole. In this light, the three posters that comprise the headline image are exactly correct. You can’t slice off a piece of a DeLorean, you need the whole car.

Make the jump for more detailed photos of the posters, or click the headline image for said composite in larger size.

The amount of detail in the posters – from the backdrop to the typeface – is stunning. I want them on my living room wall.

Sadly, according to Mondo Tees that produced them, they’re out of print. Here’s hoping for a repro.

[Source: Reddit]

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