We’ve been running this vehicular asylum for some time now. Each year, when December rolls around, we offer up a handful of vehicles on which you can vote. The goal is to crown one winner as the Hooniverse Car of the Year. We pick the nominees. You decide on the top dog. This year, we’re not going to do a Hooniverse Car of the Year. No, this time around it’s time to see which vehicle you believe should be crowned the Hooniverse Car of the Decade.

Sometime between now and Christmas, I will post the past HCOTY winners. Those will serve as the nominee pool for this year’s competition. So stay tuned for that post, which will refresh your memory on past Hooniverse “glory”. And then a separate post will have the poll, and we will leave that post stickied for a bit so people can get their vote in.

After the New Year, I’ll unstick the post, close the poll, and we can award the title of Hooniverse Car of the Decade to one deserving vehicle.