Hooniverse Assaults The TTXGP eGrandPrix With Blood And Thunder: An Informational Guide

Buzz Buzz Zap Kill Destroy
The Mavizen TTX02 is ready to shock the shit out of you when you try to work on it.
We’re all so familiar with how our beloved muscle cars of old are being drawn and quartered in the name of the environment and other greenie hogwash. Does this mean our passion for PB Blaster-flavored danger-machines will always be at odds with the Green Agenda we’ve come to fear so strongly? The TTXGP eGrandPrix believes that clean green and racing dreams can coexist peacefully. We’re going to Infineon Raceway this weekend for their first U.S. event to find out for ourselves.Electric racing series have been around for quite some time. Gearheads within a whiff of a technical school or engineering college have all heard of Formula Lightning, a quirky but too-cool electric open-wheel racing series that ran for a decade starting in 1994. Since then, a handful of different electric vehicle racing series have cropped up around the globe to vary degrees of success. All in all, the racing world at large hasn’t decided on its EV (electric vehicle) racing series just yet. Enter the TTXGP eGrandPrix. After a hugely successful event at the Isle of Man last year, the series is coming stateside for their inaugural U.S. event this weekend at Infineon Raceway near San Francisco, California. Featuring a wide array of electric track-purposed motorcycles ranging from the nearly OEM-spec Mavizen production bikes to the wonderfully homebrew contraptions like the one from the folks over at Square Wave Racing. Not content with simply following this madness from our armchair RSS feeds being piped in from the people having all the fun, we hired a big, dopey campervan and snagged our press credentials for what we’re calling… well, to be quite honest we really haven’t come up with a name for the series quite yet – but I’m sure we’ll happen onto something brilliant. Feel free to pop some suggestions in that commenting thing below.
A Modern Camper For Modern Parties
What Happens In The Hooniverse Wreckreational Vehicle Gets Posted To The Entire Internet.
What we can tell you is that we’re holding an open invite to the official Hooniverse Wreckreational Vehicle you see above. The fact is we overbooked the size of our camper dramatically and we need to hold scandalous parties full of debauchery and bad decisions to meet our full write-off in the eyes of Uncle Sam. Look it up on the IRS website, it’s there. To get in on this Wreckreational madness – or just to drop in and say hi – ping me at Andy@DetroitIndie.com to get the skinny. Obviously we’re not going to drag you out to the West Coast if you’re stranded in Kansas, but there may be a few seats available going from San Francisco up to Infineon. If you can get yourself to Infineon, all the better. All rights reserved. Void where prohibited. May spoil or fade if left in direct sunlight overnight. Keep following the “Hooniverse Wreckreational Vehicle” and the “TTXGP” tags to find out exactly how we’re going to get our asses express mailed to Guantanamo Bay.

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