Hooniverse Asks: Will You Miss Scion?

Scion As we learned just last week, Scion be dyin.’ This is the latest salvo in Toyota’s reshuffling to get their house in order, and follows the news that the Prius V will also die at the end of its current run, without a replacement to carry the torch. That pretty much puts the kibosh on Japan’s biggest car maker becoming a brand bigger as it was earlier rumored that Toyota would be spinning Prius off too as their ‘hybrid’ line. It’s pretty clear that won’t be happening, and now Scion, the company’s long-neglected attempt at carving a slice of the millennial scene is also fading away. Why this is happening is pretty obvious; the brand never had a compelling lineup, nor did it really offer anything that Toyota couldn’t have with their existing models. The question is, will anybody care? Choice is a good thing, and losing yet another brand means that we—as a society—have fewer choices. Are you going to lament the loss of Scion as a choice? Or, for you, are they already dead? Image: Yelp

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