Pictured above is 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country. Its review is coming soon but I can tell you this – I really like it, almost love it. It’s great. It’s all of the things the Volvo S60 sedan was, sans the power (different engines, T6 on the sedan, T5 on this wagon), and all the benefits of a longroof.

Today we ask – will people ever return to the conventional wagon?

We don’t mean the Ouback-ified, jacked-up wagons with plastic body cladding, sort of like this V60 Cross Country. No, I mean like wagon versions of conventional sedans.Following the logic of “don’t drive what your parents drove”, people currently aged 10-15 should be drooling over wagons soon. But I somehow don’t see that coming. Thoughts?

Notice the line of SUVs parked in front of that Whole Foods. It’s almost like I staged it.