Hooniverse Asks: Will the diesel truck disappear anytime soon?

The days of the diesel passenger car are certainly numbered. How about for trucks though? Diesel is still used in large numbers in the three-quarter and one-ton truck segments. And for commercial trucks larger than that, it’s all but a certainty. Still, times are changing. Batteries are becoming more efficient and electric motors deliver instant torque in huge numbers. Are the days of the diesel truck now numbered?

I’m not saying I expect to see an overnight switch to electric trucks. I do think that automakers could be working on hybrid gas-electric trucks, however, which could deliver the numbers that truck owners demand. Smaller displacement gasoline-drinking engines paired with powerful battery/motor combos could be a positive solution for those that routinely tow and haul.

There are areas of Europe looking to ban diesel-powered vehicles from major urban areas. Diesel is nearly dead on the car side of things, despite some recent new arrivals (Mazda CX-5, Jeep Wrangler). Perhaps full-size trucks won’t be far behind this trend. I’m sure this is akin to sacrilege for some truck lovers. But it’s certainly a question worth pondering.

Is the diesel truck going to die off in the not-too-distant future?

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