Hooniverse Asks- Why Do You Think All the Two-Door Sedans Disappeared?


 Let’s get our nomenclature correct right off the bat today. A sedan has four-doors, a coupe has two, and a more rakish design, while a wagon and a convertible both are pretty self-explanatory, but what’s a two-door sedan? If you were born within the past 20 years, you might just ask that. The older farts among us of course know that a two-door sedan is exactly that, an up-right ride that only has a pair of portals. If you know what they are, you might just also realize that they don’t seem to be making them any more.

It’s a plain fact that car lines have been culled over the years, and where you may have once had a model available in half a dozen or more body styles, today it’s usually only one or two. And neither of those are what we could call a two-door sedan. What the heck happened? I think the decline started in the ’80s. If you will recall, the Ford Fairmont was available in four distinct body styles, and two of those were two-doors! The following LTD came in but a four-door sedan and wagon, as did its successor, the Taurus. Today, the model carrying on the Taurus name comes in but one body style. 

Sales were obviously a factor in the two-door sedan’s demise, as people apparently just weren’t buying them. Or were they? Maybe it’s part of a broad conspiracy, and the NSA has been secretly removing the two-door models from our model offerings one buy one, until when we finally discovered that they were gone, it was too late! What do you think happened to all the two-door sedans, and do you think that body style should make a come-back?

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