I just got back from a weekend spent off the grid. There’s no cell service down in the La Jolla Indian Campground set back in Californian’s Pauma Valley. Well the weather wasn’t perfect, it was still great to be set amongst the trees and some fresh water. Parents and kids were laughing and playing. Fires snapped and crackled as the light began to fade. The stars presented a show brighter than what we normally see as the sky over our home competes with far too much light from other sources. It was great to get away.

But then you come back and realize you need to find time to do it all again. Sunday is a lazy day. You clean up your site, pack up your things, and point the nose of your vehicle (or face, if you’ve hiked in) back towards home. And Sunday goes by in a flash. Monday is knocking at your door before you know it.

So where to next? Where do you want to go camping? It’s certainly not the getaway that’s for everyone. It’s dirty. There are bugs. You’ll be cooking for yourself. But it’s also a lovely way to spend a few days with family, friends, or both.

While I also love the sort of vacation that has me with a fruit-based drink on a hard-to-pronounce Island, there’s something special about setting off for a weekend under the stars. Even if you can’t see those stars when you’re sleeping, because I borrowed a nice rig for the occasion. You’ll hear more about the Lance Camper in-bed setup very soon.

For now though, I want to hear from the campers… where to next?