Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Perfect Road Trip Mixtape?

mixtape Okay party people, it’s list time! Considering that we are getting into prime road trip season, I want to know what kind of tunes you’d most want to take along on that magical mystery tour. Now, the Mixtape is not all that popular anymore, seeing as most of us can create music mixes in seconds right on our phones. To that however,  I ask, where’s the love, huh? In fact, back when mix tapes were as popular as parachute pants, they were used not just to make long journeys more enjoyable, but also as a way for awkward teens to express their true feelings to the horrified objects of their unrequited affections. Of course, if you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, the best thing to do is to get in the car and drive to someplace else! It’ll clear your head and make you forget about all that rejection back in that other place. And if you’re going to be hitting the road, you’re going to want some tunes as accompaniment. They may not be on a cassette, and you may not have carefully recorded them off of the radio over the course of several days so you could capture the perfect mix while hitting the stop button before the DJ came in and spoiled the mood, but they’re still songs that help melt the miles and keep you from driving into an abutment. What might those songs be? If you were going to plan a trip and and wanted to provide that ride with its own hand-picked soundtrack from your greatest hits, what might make up that sonic companion? What would be your perfect road trip mixtape? Image: JamTheHype

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