Hooniverse Asks – What’s Your In-Car Entertainment Preference?

Whether Saturday morning (seriously, is there a better time than that in all creation?) canyon carving, with your ride’s exhaust note echoing off the hillsides and nothing between you and each curve’s apex than a flick of the wheel – OR a long trip with you or a navigator trolling the dial for the audio treasures that abound on local AM stations, your automotive audio entertainment is of paramount importance. Man, that was one long sentence.
I’m getting a package from Crutchfield (hopefully Friday) containing some new audio toys for my daily driver, and I’m getting excited about that. But what about you- what’s your go-to in-car entertainment selection? Are you a Loud Pipes Save Lives purist? Or are you an NPR/hip hop addict whose radio never cools down? Do you still use CDs – or even (gasp) cassettes? Whatever it is, we want to know what it is.
Image source: [mobilitypr.com]

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  1. SSurfer321 Avatar

    Ford was nice enough to include an AUX out in their factory head unit, designed for factory satellite radio. I utilized the port to hardwire an MP3 adapter.
    The wife's Subaru was nice enough to come with a factory IPOD adapter but the head unit is NOT user friendly for navigating through the Ipod menus.

  2. Maxichamp Avatar

    I wish I had a Becker Mexico.

  3. Black Steelies Avatar

    I frequent the classic rock stations and college radio when I'm at school. If I'm driving alone I like listening to jazz, reminds me of riding with my dad.
    Any car I drive is at the mercy of the airwaves because the hearse is radio only / cassette delete and the Regal is so busted that the radio is the only audio that [barely] works. It came with stock with cassette and CD player but both have long since bit the dust.

    1. Tripl3fast Avatar

      "…If I'm driving alone I like listening to jazz, reminds me of riding with my dad. " Thanks for that. I had a similar experience growing up. Mix in a little Big Band and I am 10yrs old again.

  4. Jim-Bob Avatar

    My truck has the best head unit of all of my cars. It has an AUX input, iPod hookup and controls and also does HD radio. The stereo in the Metro however is made up of leftovers. The CD section of the head unit no longer works and the dash speakers were pirated from a Jetta while the speakers in the back I found in a Chrysler Sebring for $10 at the U pull it. My Cutlass has the most complete system of them all with a CD player, 2 10 inch subs, 5.25 in mids in the doors and tweeters in the dash and a set of 6×9's in the rear deck. All of that is powered by 800+ watts of Alpine amps. Sadly though, I can't actually afford to drive it as it gets 15 mpg on premium so all I use is the Metro with it's crummy sounding radio.

  5. Feds_II Avatar

    Currently, I am rocking 2 factory head units which split time between CBC 1 and Buffalo sports radio. I have been down the separate-but-parallel paths of FM modulators, both hard wired and over the air, but constantly finding interesting music/podcasts and uploading/deleting/managing them has soured me on that affair.
    I am starting "Family Car Build Up" in the summer, and I am planning for a moderately awesome system based around an in-dash GPS/Bluetooth/touchscreen unit similar to:

  6. Maymar Avatar

    Most of the time I'm strictly radio (102.1 The Edge, Toronto's generic new rock station) since nothing has to be turned off or changed. But I tend to keep my MP3 player (since there's a factory AUX jack) and cds (in the map pocket, visor, centre console, and Honda's beloved big bin in front of the shifter) in the car, always prepared in case the mood strikes me (or more likely, the Edge has come to a song so grating on my nerves, I can't listen to it anymore, especially knowing it'll be back in in an hour).

    1. Feds_II Avatar

      99.1 FM dude. Stick to it for about a week, and you'll never be able to turn on commercial radio again.

  7. thomasmac Avatar

    In my Impreza I just use my iPod through the AUX input, just running the stock exhaust so I`m not missing much. In my Chevelle it still has the stock AM radio with single speaker which works but is useless, unfortunalty its also running a straight 6 which doesnt provide much inspirational listening. My dads Camaro has chambered exhaust which is basically like factory glasspacks through a 350, quite possibly the best factory option ever leaving no need for music.

  8. sixfourseven Avatar

    My car has to be one of the very last produced with a factory cassette player. Do you all remember tape adapters from the portable CD player days? Now the adapters cost $30! Totally worth it on a long drive, however.
    For commuting, I listen to the local Jazz/NPR station. If I turn the radio off, I get worse fuel mileage as the loud pedal is just too tempting.
    Mmm, VR6…

    1. Froggmann_ Avatar

      Maybe if it was produced after 2006. Up until then, Nissan Maximas still came with tape decks. Kind of strange to see a feature like that still included 15 years after CDs obliterated the 6 track tape market.

    2. zsm Avatar

      Back in October I looked at a new Mazda5. I commented that there used to be a spot where the tape deck went under the radio and now there was just a bit of plastic there. The salesman said they can order one and install it for me, covered under the factory warranty even. Also until I sold it last year I had VW Golf with the tape and CD probably similar to your VR6. I too used the tape adapter, mostly to listen to Car Talk.

      1. Feds_II Avatar

        Part of Mazda's Multi-somethingorother-Audio System. You can also get a minidisk player, or a 6-disk changer.

        1. LTDScott Avatar

          Yeah, my Protege 5 had the same slot and I remember reading the dealer brochure about that and wondered who would want a minidisc player.

    3. LTDScott Avatar

      My fiancee's 2006 Highlander Hybrid had a cassette deck.

  9. OA5599 Avatar

    For me, it's about the car, not the tunes. Other than a rear-seat DVD player, it has been about 30 years since I upgraded the audio in a car, except when filling a hole in the dash.

  10. scroggzilla Avatar

    Depending on my mood, any one of the following:
    The local college radio station (WWVU)
    Mix cd's
    Nothing but the sound of my car going about it's business and my own thoughts.

  11. m4ff3w Avatar

    Local NPR affiliate. Which is funny, because I'm not anything like the stereotypical NPR listener.

    1. Spencedaddy Avatar

      same here…..its a dirty little secret!

  12. Froggmann_ Avatar

    In my daily driver I have a 4gig SD card with folders of MP3s that get played as per my mood. Out on the highway? Throw on my Highway folder starting with "Life's a Highway" by Tom Cochrine. Feeling aggressive? Fire up the Megahertz. In kind of a relaxed mood? Fire up the Braveheart soundtrack.

  13. muthalovin Avatar

    Blow off valve.

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      So that's what it's called when I'm screaming at the daily displays of idiocy & failed Darwinism on the streets of Seattle?
      Entertaining & damaging to my blood pressure simultaneously.

  14. dwegmull Avatar

    The accelerator pedal.

  15. joshuman Avatar

    On the commute to work and home I usually have NPR or a local high-school run dance station on. If my kids are in the car, they want kid music (Raffi, Laurie Berkner, Sesame Street, and so on.) We are running the stock sound system in both cars but both have really nice set ups with 6-disc in dash and a subwoofer.

  16. Ryans92L Avatar

    I listen to all kinds of stuff, it will almost always pull crazy 180's depending on how long the drive is. Just yesterday for instance it went from Early Metallica, to the 70s stadium rock station, a brief stint of early 90s country and then I stuck Sublimes greatest hits in the CD player. That was just in an hour and a half of driving. Though occasionally I do turn off the stereo and listen to the 3L V6 Flowmastered Goodness that is the 1992 Ford Taurus
    See Below…
    [youtube DYrBTveWfhQ&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYrBTveWfhQ&feature=related youtube]

  17. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
    mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    People never dressed better than in old adverts.
    <img src="http://www.strangevehicles.com/images/content/166603.jpg&quot; width="530">
    But I digress. One day I was at a red light and I decided to see if the radio works in my car. It did, I was impressed. It was illuminated even, but only AM. It's a great AM radio tough, tunes well and sounds very good compared to when I've tried to listen to the news in the minivan. But then the light turned green and I drove off, and soon I could not hear the radio again. 17 years ago someone did a pretty patchwork exhaust job. I like to say I listen to my car, but in truth I miss NPR. Don't tell anyone.

    1. $kaycog Avatar

      5500 – 5549………..Ta da!…………..This looks like a nice place. I love that license plate on the Volvo.

    2. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      Ha I never noticed that plate, funny! I think I just got too hot is what it was, then everything seemed cold around me. How are you feeling? You wrote something a few days back that made me think you might be coming down with something. I remembered when I got ht flu shot info for this year. Yesterday was Reptileman at the pack meeting, kids really loved it, some parents too. There is a great photo I took of two parents, mouth agape, really love it, but I am having trouble to get the photos off of the camera 🙁 Dang I really liked that camera, about perfect for me. It has this dial on top, all the way to one end for video, all the way to the other for fast moving stuff, one tick less for auto. And the auto and zoom worked really well too. That's how a camera needs to be for me plus it was not too big, but it looks like it's about to die, too bad. Today we go for Indian buffet Aga and me, I am so getting hungry here!
      Have a good one,

    3. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szmsoy………….I went to Japanese restaurant for lunch today and had that teriyaki yakatori that I love so much with stir-fry veggies and snow peas. I brought half of it home for dinner tonight. I love that chicken…….I don't know why it is so good. I should ask the owner sometime, I guess. How was your Indian buffet? If it's real spicy, I probably wouldn't like it. I'm feeling great. I don't know what I said that made you think I was coming down with something. I might have said I was tired? On occasion, I'll wake up like 2AM and can't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then my butt is dragging the next day. Maybe that was it. The week is more than half over……….yippee! Oh, yes, Disabled_Vette and I are back with the bucket thing thread. Silly us. Later!

    4. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      I haven't been able to go any past the trout in the bucket 🙁 The guy at the Indian place would not tell another customer what made the chicken so special and one time in Ft. Meyers they would not tell me the secret to their peanut butter pie, so I don't know if they will tell you. Maybe if you ask all pretty-doe-eyed-like? Anyway it would seem spicy if you never had it before, but we lived in CA and the Indian food was spicier there than in Chicago where I got acclimated to it. Also they have not so spicy things, like mango ice cream! I had two bowls 😀 Today another soccer practice and tomorrow game night! We tried to watch a DVD of movies and photos from the CO vacation last night, but Aga's step-mom picked suck boring slow jazzy music that we fell asleep!
      Have a good one,

    5. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, fry…………..I'll definitely try the pretty-doe-eyed look to find out about the chicken. Hahahaha! Talking about does, I saw a doe and her twins crossing the highway this morning. I've seen them in the area before, but the twins have grown a bunch since then. Thankfully, the traffic was light, and everyone in both directions stopped until they got across. Not much going on here, just another busy and fast week. I may go to Colo. Springs tomorrow, but if not, I have the usual chores to get done at home. All is well!
      Your weekend?

    6. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      Oh wow CO Springs, I was there, let me tell you all about it… wait a minute you're the expert here afterall… What are you going to do there if you go? Rudy's was really good again and it's right next to Garden of the Gods, I recommend it. Also West CO Springs and Manitou Springs were nice to walk around the central shopping parts, those are nearby as well. In West CO Springs we went when there was a band playing in the park near the old building, that was fun. We stayed right next to this place but the reviews were terrible, but you get to eat in a plane… Maybe just go for drinks: http://goo.gl/maps/N5KGL
      Anyway Aga is going to be going to DC in Oct. She is going to help-out her friend that had a baby but just really to get away for a while. Last night in hot tub (great place to talk BTW) she was all mad at something that happened a long time ago, not me yippie. Remember how we went to TX for the first vacation this summer? Well it turns-out she really picked that trip to see an old friend of hers that lives near Houston. They have not been speaking since, she just got contacted by her recently, and did not return the call. Aga was pissed that when we went there, gave them 6mo heads-up, asked about best time to come, was willing to move the vacation, and then they never met. Anyway she has been keeping that bottled in for so long and I had no idea. See how I notice stuff? Anyway I never really liked them very much either, like I took them to the airport and then when we could have used a ride they did not offer, stuff like that, but they were friends, so strange people can be.
      Wait a minute again… Hey now were you all afraid the ZSM clan was going to murder you and steal all of your Ford GT stuff earlier this summer? I'll be sure to hold a grudge now that you did not meet us all to eat fantastic pizza, for very long time … Still there? Grudge passed.
      Have a good one,

    7. Buickboy92 Avatar

      @ZSM: Hello my friends! hows it going?? Sorry I've been gone for so long, but just been busy lately. Holy Cow, I can't believe it's the second day officially of Fall!! Some of the trees in my neighborhood have started to change color. It's pretty wild. Yesterday it rained and rained the entire day, and we had a big pot of nice hot soup and it was quite cozy 🙂 Hey MZS, I looked at your photos of the Buicks and my my they are huge next to your Volvo(also what do the yellow stickers mean on the tailgate?) Hope your week is great.
      5506 – A little Herbie Hancock for Y'all 😉
      [youtube W4WE2VbPAag&list=FLXaKbR7B9uT3v_sCS6Ie_7Q&index=8&feature=plpp_video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4WE2VbPAag&list=FLXaKbR7B9uT3v_sCS6Ie_7Q&index=8&feature=plpp_video youtube]

    8. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi BB!
      Was a pretty sweet weekend here. Was the soup you ate chicken noodle? Anyway silly thing was that this weekend Kevin went to boy scout camp and Michelle to my parents. We had a day with Jake. Asked him what he wanted to do and he knew right away. N. 1 sleep in a tent, so Max, Jake, and me put the tent up in the basement and slept there. No 2 was dress as a mummy with one eye, find me, and chase me. Okay one toilet paper roll gave it's life for that, best part was Jake tearing off the wraps at the end, ha! No 3 was eat long noodles, okay we did, pad thai and panang. Anyway it was really funny how he had all these silly but fun ideas ready right away when we asked. We played a bunch of dictionary and charades too.
      Those yellow things are Celebrate Life stickers from OLRF. His dad came-up with those as a slogan for the Springfield area diocese. The story is here: http://oleragtop.blogspot.com/2012/06/celebrate-l… In my case I had a religion teacher that had it on the back of her Jeep when I was younger, so it was really something when I stumbled on that. Here's a bad thing about me, sometimes I get a bit stubborn and pig headed. OLRF asked if he could use my story, I said sure as long as he removed the names of the people cause it was being used to sell something and I did not want anyone offended by that or the frank way I wrote what I did to him. Well he did not. So for a while I ignored what he wrote. That was not very CL of me now was it 🙁 Anyway I'm not being stupid like that anymore, I really enjoy reading his stories again.
      Have a good one,

    9. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      So no zoo then, dang. The Aspens turning gold really must be something. We did the forests in Japan when they were turning golden, that was nice. You know I was being silly about grudges, like how my wife was, right? Yes Jake really liked that day with us, we did too. He was very calm alone compared to with his siblings there as well. Busy after work week for me, today den meeting (mostly about flags), then I help some boy scouts with chemistry merit badge Tues, soccer Wed and Thu, and Fri a guy at work retires. Well that last one is during work, yippie Friday evening is free!
      Have a good one,

    10. $kaycog Avatar

      szm, smz, zip……..I saw a 1950's Packard this morning, and it was in mint condition. It was mostly pink and was really beautiful. I've never seen it before so it might have been just traveling through town. I Googled pink Packard, and this image is like what I saw. It's a '55. Yes, I knew you were kidding about grudges. I don't hold a grudge; life is too short. Dancing With The Stars started its new season last night. I love watching ballroom dancing, so I do enjoy the program. Happy Taco Tuesday!
      <img src="http://images.classiccars.com/classifieds/341497_13547684_1955_Packard_400.jpg"width="500"/&gt;

    11. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-70Jfmtuc8dw/UFFoRJzm_yI/AAAAAAAAE-g/LEiVjf4bpLM/s625/DSC06155.jpg"&gt; I saw one on the street too, last month! They really are something Packards. These models, the underpinnings dated from pre WWII really, so advanced that they were able to do that, just sort of went through about three revisions of body style after WWII. They were really neat cars, always so technologically advanced. Before WWII they had 3-way power brakes, 3-way headlights lights, auto choke, central chassis lube, thermostatically controlled grille vents, offset rear diff to lover the car's height, it's just really mind bogglingly amazing al that crazy stuff. Also really luxurious cars. I don't watch DWTS, but maybe I should, did you see the outfits the women wear, yowza! Also today Aga stumbled on streaming internet pron. We went to lunch together (Chinese place re-opened after renovation) and she told me on the walk after for coffee and canoli. She was like, "It's unbelievable, there are millions of 12 minutes movies, like 65 thousand in any category, Russian even!" Ha!
      Have a good one,

    12. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, zsm, pot………..The cars of the 50's are really something else. I love the hood ornaments. My favorite cars from that era are the '55 and '56 Fords. I like their styling and all the pretty/wild colors. How was your Chinese lunch? If all goes well, I'll have Chinese buffet tomorrow. I like how you said that Aga "stumbled" onto internet pron. Of course, she did. 😉 Here's the web cam on top of Pikes Peak……..snow.
      <img src="http://cograilway.com/Summit/summitcam.jpg"width="500"/&gt;

    13. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      Wow your image keeps changing! It's even more snowy today than yesterday! Sorry I ran out of time yesterday to reply 🙁 Hi hope you get to eat the Chinese. The place we went to, the buffet got smaller after the renovation. Looks like they trying to go even more upscale, everything was great still though, just less choices. There was a new spicy chicken salad and I loved that! That's saying something considering how little salad I usually eat. I let Jake drive in a parking lot yesterday after soccer practice, that was fun, though he turns the wheel way too much, ha! But Aga went to get her aunt and uncle from airport and came home to us all watching the second hour of TV. It was Middle and Modern Family plus some new funny show about aliens for families. There was list of stuff for us all to do, of course I did not see it. So she was pretty mad. One thing was Kevin was supposed to study for a test and then was really stubborn, and we had an argument 🙁 Anyway all better now. The stumbling, I really think it was! We are probably some of the last people that still buy adult DVDs. She was looking for a movie to buy. I'll leave the details murky at this point, ha! Today Aga takes Jake to a mommy and son thing, that's exciting. I get the kids again also because after that she is going to watch Grey's Anatomy with a friend.
      Have a good one,

    14. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, smz, dew……….The first time I posted a live web cam image in Oppo is when I found out that it changes continually. That's pretty neat. I did get to Chinese buffet today, and it was wonderful, as always. Today my favorite was Sesame Chicken plus I always get broccoli and green beans because they aren't cooked to death. I like raw veggies best, but if they're cooked just a little, I like that too. I hate mushy cooked veggies. I was given three home-grown, organic green peppers yesterday, and they are absolutely out-of-this-world! I love them raw, but dislike them cooked (like in stuffed green peppers). Anyway……tomorrow is Friday…..HOORAY! Enjoy your evening. Oh……if you didn't see Aga's honeydew list, she shouldn't get mad.

    15. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-3YS_mCBywII/UGYhWvzHrwI/AAAAAAAAFBQ/J9g6dxgzMpU/w640-h1000-p-k/jake_mummy.jpg"&gt; She shouldn't get mad, ha ha ha ha ha! Really we are so much like Italian family, she does not leave any doubts. Like this morning Jake forgot about homework last night, remember I was watching the kids. So I had him do homework before school. Then Aga did not walk just the neighbors' kids with Max to school, so I walked Jake an Max barely in time. She really did not hold anything in though, ha! Anyway that passion, it's worth it cause she's awesome in the ways that she is. Here's Jake as that mummy. Also this image is a link to more for Tower, snazzy animated continuously updated moisture map: <img src="http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/mimic-tpw/natl/anim/latest72hrs.gif&quot; width="640">
      Have a great weekend,

    16. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, mzs, zzz………..Monday again? *yawn* What's with the Pikes Peak web cam this morning? Is that snow hanging down? It's really weird. My weekend was very relaxing and uneventful. I just did the usual "chores" and went out to dinner Saturday night to Mexican restaurant where I had taco salad, as always. I did have out-of-town company for a few hours yesterday. I love Jake wrapped as mummy. That looks like too much fun. Have a good Monday!

    17. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://www.fishcam.com/liveimage_640.jpg&quot; width="640"> Hold on just a minute here, we're not doing this right, okay fixed it – witness the amazing – FISH CAM! Man I can't believe that's still around, there are more people that value tradition on the web it seems! I had tacoy goodness recently too, this morning. I had a taco breakfast, was neato. Aga and I had a stupid argument after a really great day last evening 🙁 This morning kids went to school early, she got home, asked if I had eaten. No, I did not have meeting, we went out for breakfast. Man I love her, can be stupid man sometimes though 🙁 Glad to hear you had visitors again. We did a cub scout outing, to a corn maze and farm, went really well. [youtube TiKD9iaQ9ZI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiKD9iaQ9ZI youtube]
      Have a good one,

      1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
        mr. mzs zsm msz esq

        Oh forgot, I can't see anything odd on CogCam, must have missed the alien invasion, hope they brought chips and salsa.

    18. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, msz, ham……….Why do some drivers not read highway signs? I was behind a car this morning, man driving, who turned right on a red light with an easily visible sign hanging above him that says "No Right Turn On Red." DUH! I've seen other people do it too. I guess our weather is to turn much colder tomorrow……….time for electric blanket, I guess. I went out to lunch yesterday and had a petite chicken fried steak. It was so tasty! It was at a steak house that I don't frequent very often, but I was impressed. Happy Taco Tuesday!

      1. RacinG73 Avatar

        'Sup, $kaycog! 😀

        1. $kaycog Avatar

          Hey, you! Good to see you! All's well with me. I bought a 2013 Ford Escape EcoBoost, and I love it! It's good to see you! Don't be a stranger.

        2. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
          mr. mzs zsm msz esq

          Hi Racin!
          <img src="http://www.aurach.de/webcam/storch.jpg&quot; width="640"> Don't you have some neat-o news to share? Maybe this webcam of a storks-nest will remind you 😉
          Have a good one,

    19. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="; width="640"> My guess is that those drivers think they are in enough of a hurry. I got a ticket once cause I thought you could turn left on a red arrow as long as there was not a sign saying something like left on green only. I did it for years without knowing. Here's another fish cam. How is the bucket game going? Like I said, I think it was the trout, never could see anything past that 🙁 That was funny. Here's a chicken fried steak that my aunt had on vacation. The funny thing is, which is impossible to translate, is she called it little in the word for it – kotlecika <img src="https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/c67.0.403.403/p403x403/408299_511696635509612_1841532211_n.jpg"&gt;
      Have a good one,

    20. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, msz, toe……….What a nice surprise to see Racin' here! Stork's nest? Hmmmm. Busy day, but good day for me, and Friday will be here before I know it. Disabled_Corvette conceded to me in that bucket list marathon. He ran out of things, but I had about a dozen more to go. Silly us. That is the biggest chicken fried steak I've ever seen! Surely, your aunt didn't eat the whole thing. You mentioned you and Aga had an argument……….that happens in marriages, and usually it starts with something stupid. But the good part is that you get to make up. 😉 Weather change here tonight, and I got my electric blanket on the bed in readiness.

    21. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay!
      <img src="http://www.summitcamp.org/static/images/status/view/webcam.jpg&quot; width="640"> I bet she could eat it, don't know though. That reminds me, on Monday I came home from work, but not hungry cause of a late lunch. Aga said there was food on the stove. I said I was not sure if I should eat. Right then Max picked-up his head and looked at me like I was crazy. I bet it was just that he only then noticed I had gotten home, but it was funny to imagin him thinking, "Dude! Why you no eat the food?" Anyway, this is my aunt from Norway and this photo was from a recent trip to Israel. That's kind of funny cause the word in Polish for cutlet implies pork chop. Also her eyes are not black like that in real life, I swear. If you want to spam the stormies with a dizen bucket photos, I would not mind in the least. Also I thought it was disabled vette, like he was in the military and being coy. He always liked your trophies! I had a really bad night of sleep. There is some high pitched noise coming from somewhere far off and it kept me up for two hours on Monday night. I even went walking around for half an hour to locate it. Because of the lack of sleep I was not feeling well yesterday. Jake is sick too, came home from school early yesterday. Lots of kids are sick actually, bunch from soccer for example. I get flu shot tomorrow unless I get sick, I hope I don't. I slept better this last night, turned-on a fan for some white noise to drown out the high pitched one. We all can hear it, many neighbors too. Tonight if I feel well I will hunt for it with a car this time. Or maybe not, it's about time for that make-up sex. Great recommendation Skay!
      Have a good one,
      PS: You're looking at the North Pole, yeah I can't see it either, shouldn't it look like a barber's pole or something?

    22. $kaycog Avatar

      zms, zsm, bee…………Did you ever find out what that high-pitched noise was that kept you awake? I hate it when I lose several hours' sleep for whatever reason. It doesn't happen a lot, but on occasion, I'll toss and turn for several hours for no apparent reason. Then my butt is dragging the next day. I'm usually a real good sleeper. You're right, it is Disabled_Vette………I don't know why I said Corvette. And yes, he likes my trophies and almost always comments. Is Jake feeling better? Anybody else in the family get sick? Tis the season………..school. Today is National Taco Day……..really. I posted that in Oppo without thinking what the consequences might be. Nobody was naughty about it…………..yet.

    23. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://www.northtroll.com/webcam/yardcam.jpg&quot; width="640"> Ooh International Day of the Taco! Do I bring it candy and flowers? Did you have any taco today? I'm going home soon, I have no idea what's for dinner. Maybe I'll eat some taco tonight. Naughty enough? Ha okay settle down mzs you're getting too silly. Anyway, Jake did not go to achool again today, but supposed to be better. Probably tomorrow he goes back. I think I was sick for a while, better now, too. Was starting feeling bad on Saturday, last two nights were the worst. That reminds me I got a flu shot today. I maybe should not have, but the other place to get it next week is really inconvenient to go to. Wish me luck! Anyway it's funny, was talking to Aga, said, "I got shot." She reoplies, "Oh my god! Are you okay? Are you in hospital?" Ha ha she was being silly funny, so must not have had too bad a day with Jake. I never did find-out about that noise, I took some theraflu and it always knocks me right out. This here is troll crossing, never a real live troll been seen, plenty of wildlife though. Oh and no bucket 🙁 That reminds me, I have hot tub parts in a bucket at home, better leave soon to put it all back together before the storms!
      Have a good one,

    24. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, pop…………….I did not have tacos yesterday, and I don't remember the last time I did. When at a Mexican restaurant, I usually order taco salad (does that count?) At one particular restaurant, I always order the grilled chicken salad with fruit plate. I think I've told you about that before. It's Friday! WOO! WOO! No big plans for the weekend, just pizza tonight and go out to dinner tomorrow night and the usual 'stuff'. Snow tonight and tomorrow for much of CO and possibly snow and/or rain for me tomorrow. I guess I won't be washing my Escape. I am so sick of political stuff, I could scream! I watched about ten minutes of the debate the other night and turned over to the Food Channel. Between the radio, TV and computer homepage, I know all that was said in the 90-minute debate. They just keep going over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over it.
      Rant over. 😉 Have a great weekend! What doing?

    25. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://wetter.fh-worms.de/img/webcam/preview.jpg"&gt; Beware the Fachhochschule Worms, thankfully with this handy dandy web cam we can keep an eye on them, see if they are getting up to no good! Hey that reminds me, I want to see that photo that Tower took. Wait maybe worms are like wyrms in English, yikes dragons! Probably not though. I'd count taco salad as taco if kids meal is made of kid, so guess not. But I did have tacos for dinner! Aga came to the rescue when I told her, she had already rice and chicken made and we had left over shells. THIS WAS AWESOME: the rice holds the broken shell together, will be doing this all the time with hard shell from now on. So we celebrated National Day to the Honor of the Taco with a fitting meal at least. I did not watch debate, won't change my mind, might make me angry, so why. But Aga did a little. She said, "Man that guy is a dick." But I'll leave that vague so I don't upset you potentially. I got the hot tub all together again last night. It's all perfect today for tonight I hope. There were a few wisps for snow here today! Please don't get windy tonight! Also I had trouble sleeping this morning. Worried about work, maybe when I am finally done with what it is I'll write it up to you. I don't like to bring Aga down about work crap, but I did tell her a little this morning, I'll try to leave it there, so much more fun things to talk about. Anyway, so I was up early, made myself useful. I cleaned the chandelier and changed a light bulb (and got rid of all the cob webs and dust up in that spot). The real reason is that my sons got some toys trapped in there. The funny thing is that Aga wanted me to get a really well matching light bulb, we tried all these, I kept telling her I wanted the pointy glass one and finally she gave it to me. My thighs hurt for hours from being up in that ridiculous position. You think she was after the insurance money? Oh yeah weekend, I taking Monday off, yippie! Plan is to go to Morton Arboretum. You have a great weekend too!
      Have a good one,

    26. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, bub……..Monday again. I swear that happens at least once a week. Did you get to enjoy the hot tub over the weekend? My weekend was great with nothing out of the ordinary happening. Blah, blah, blah and chicken calzone. You do need to share your work problems, at least somewhat, with Aga. She's there to support you and share good and bad things with you. It also gives you a place to vent a little. Yeah, there are fun things to discuss too. We didn't get any moisture here but it was coolish. Life is sweet!

    27. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://webcam.princess.com/webcam/caribbean_bridge.jpg"&gt; Here's the view from a cruise ship! Well this web cam certainly sounded more exciting than the bunch of flat water it turned-out to be. Nope, no hit tub 🙁 It was cold, and we all were a little sick some day of the weekend, stomach stuff. Oh well. The water's great, so hope one of these nights. Big thing for us was we went to Morton Arboretum, Aga put a bunch of photos on her blog. I like this one, I played with the colors differently than Aga did on the computer. I like when the cars look like they are painted when I am done, but I guess this is more amateurish looking. So we were ready to leave and the van would not start. I could not get it jumped, so we left in Astrid. Was great, lots of people complimented the car, even got to park close in a full lot because of my "cool car" 😀 But man did Aga get tired, me too, but smarty pants me took Michelle to play tennis too, doh! Hit me later. Anyway i got Chinese take-out, Aga was really happy about that. Anyway, the pic below is a link to a bigger version: <img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-rasUCODYVHc/UHQj2hJsoDI/AAAAAAAAFB4/r0G9-73_lSk/s400/IMG_6345_2.jpg"&gt;
      Have a good one,
      PS: Does anyplace do Oktoberfest near you? If there is still one going on, you should go with friends. I bet you'd like the hot mulled wine at least.

    28. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, zsm, dew……Another week more than half over, and it seems that it just started. I could just cry over that little girl missing in the Denver area. That breaks my heart. It's a shame that children can't go out and play or walk to school anymore. Not much else going on here……..just busy (in a good way). There's no Oktoberfest near me that I know of. I'm sure I'd check it out if there was one. Ciao! That pic of your Amazon is excellent!

    29. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://www.schoenerlachen.de/webcam/snapshot.jpg"&gt; Ooh real time construction outside dentists' offices! I had no idea about that abduction until you mentioned it. What I just saw on news.google is awful, I hope it's not her. Our kids walk to school. Remember that one time Jake was late cause of homework, I pleaded with Aga to walk the neighbors kids, just cause I would hate if something like this happened, no matter the small chance. She did not 🙁 Anyway, her friend has a young kid still not in kindergarten, so every morning we wait for the two older kids to walk to our house on their way, then we leave with ours. They run late, it really bugs Aga. The other wrinkle is that there was a crossing guard that said we cannot bring our dog close to the school. That's upsetting, cause we use that as an opportunity to walk Max. So what we do is we walk to a block before the school. If those kids are not too late, then by then there is a big group walking the last block. But still things sometimes don't work-out, like last year Jake swung a back pack at a girl that was teasing him. I think I wrote about that back then.
      Our weekend here is going to be busy. We have that camp-out Sa-Su. Also there is Oktoberfest and Lemons. If I can, I really hope to make the fest on Fr evening with Aga and some friends. Then Sa morning two soccer games, but I staty only for first, then Kev goes to grandparents, cause I go set-up camp with Jake. Then Aga arrives with Michelle. On Su morning I pack-up the tent and leave for Lemons, hopefully with Jake. Then Aga leaves after breakfast and clean-up to take Michelle to a horse party. Then they go to Aga's aunt and uncle's place, and I meet them after race. Isn't that fun! Tonight we have another soccer practice, and I have to deliver the rest of the popcorn with Jake soon. The scary thing is I am going to be Mr. Mom for a few days starting weekend after this and it's a busy one as well.
      Have a good one,
      PS: Last night I had time to read that mongol rally post, was great, though now there it their web site to read as well. But best thing was Duurtlaang showed-up in the comments 😀

    30. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      We have met our 10/15 state tax return deadline at work and I should be back to a normal working schedule now! Hopefully I can get back to checking in with you guys more often. I see that there is a webcam theme developing here so here is my contribution to the mix. It's from Mt. Kīlauea in Hawaii, I wonder if it will update automatically like yours. I really like that one from you mzs of the atmospheric moisture…the gulf stream stands out like crazy on that! The one on Pike's Peak is interesting too, $kaycog, but it looks like I missed the snow. Also, I'll get on loading that picture for you guys too! Now on to catch up on more conversations!
      <img src="http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/cams/KIcam/images/PAN.jpg&quot; width=500>

    31. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Tower!
      <img src="http://wwc.instacam.com/instacamimg/GRSMW/GRSMW_l.jpg"&gt; Who hoo you get a breather! This here is Mesa View NM, but seems more of a view of a peak to me. Anyway, you can see some weather, in NM, go figure. Wait CoupeZ told us there is weather there, or was that AZ? Close enough. I'm busy at work too, haven't had time to check-out hooniverse yet this morning 🙁 I should be done with these reports by today, and then I can return to real valuable work next week again, yippie! But a lot has piled-up 🙁 At least that's interesting and challenging. Funny thing happened this morning though. I came in and there were messages on the voice mail, there were four of them from an about two hour span in the evening all from "The Adult Detention Fascility!" It was like press one to accept charges, press 6 to block further calls, press # to here about rates… I feel bad, I think someone had a wrong number and was dialing my work number, at least I hope. That or it's some kind of scam. But earlier that day I got a call from someone trying to reach an old college roommate of mine! He was all vague about why about UofC, when i said I bet I could answer his questions he declined. So I passed along the dude's phone number to my old roommate. Today I heard back from him. he had no clue who this fellow was, but said he would call out of curiosity.
      Have a good one,

    32. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, iou……..Busy Friday, and it's almost over too! Not a lot going on for me this weekend but get ready for company next week. Friends from Texas are coming, and the hubbie will drop wife off to stay with me a couple of days while he goes to Denver on business. I'm really looking forward to it, as I haven't seen them for a year. So, I gotta get guest room ready, etc. It sounds like you've got a lot going on this weekend. I hope everything goes well. Later!
      TowerofPower…………good to see you again. Yes, we're still waiting for "that" photo. 😉 BTW, have you set a wedding date? Crazy weather here with 80 degrees yesterday and 60 degrees today. I love it!

    33. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Have fun with your buddy Skay! – 5533 But before she gets there enjoy the night view of Zulpich 165m up! <img src="http://www.lindenwetter.de/cameraneu.jpg"&gt;

    34. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, mzs, cat………..Sup? Weekend went by in a flash, but I got a lot done. I had to get guest bedroom and bathroom ready for my company. They'll be here Wednesday afternoon, and he'll go on to Denver. Then they go back to Texas on Saturday. The weather should be cooler but dry which is perfect, as my friend will want to go to the mountains. I'm not sure where to take her, but there are plenty of options. It's up to her. How was your weekend, other than busy?

    35. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://media.cocolapalm.com/ccbrwc/current_image.jpg"&gt; Ooh a bar in Jamaica! Doesn't look like it's past noon there even though it is, only on person drinking. Come-on party people! Well she'll go to the mountains so that's something. I suggest you buy plastic Ford GT model kits and jigsaw puzzles and put those together. You'll never have to clean your spare bedroom and bathroom again that way for sure! For some reason I though your buddy was coming this weekend already, oh well. When your buddy leaves, Aga leaves from here to go to DC to visit her friend. I'm a little bit freaking actually cause of the busy schedule, but lots of extra fun things going on then, like haunted houses and young eagles. Young eagles is that program where pilots take kids for airplane rides. I don't know how much of the fun stuff I'll be able to squeeze in, but I will try, it helps for the kids to not miss mom.
      Weekend here was great! Everything like I said, except no Oktoberfest. The friends we asked did not want to go, then other friends called and wanted to go, but then could not get sitter. The friends that called recommended someone, the bass teacher that was already coming over, but by then we had our hearts set on being lazy. So we stayed home. The weather was very bad here, Kevin's soccer got cancelled half-way through and Aga and Jake had to spend an hour in the supply closet during Lego robotics in the school. But still we camped. Kevin's campout was cancelled, but he was camped-out anyway, was going to my parents anyway. It's funny to me the cub scouts still camped. Best part was our den of young kids had the biggest presence, even every kid that came spent the night (most other kids left for home after the campfire) in the storms. Actually night was not so bad compared to the day, but there was a cabin. I did not sleep well though, and last night again not well. This is gross, had bad gas, sorry, but it was painful 🙁 Better now. Today i will sleep very well I bet! I also went to Lemons on Sunday, but I'll keep details for later just in case Racin pops in. It was my favorite one so far, based on how crazy the cars were this time.
      Have a good one,

    36. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, woo…………I have last minute things to do tomorrow morning while my friends are en route, but I'm basically ready. I only have breakfasts to consider, as we'll eat out the other meals. How long will Aga be gone? You'll do just fine in the role of Mr. Mom, as you always do. Temps in low 80's today and dropping about 20 degrees for the next two days, but, like I said, it will be dry. Too bad the Aspens are not in their Fall color anymore. My friend would enjoy seeing that. Happy Taco Tuesday!

    37. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://www.weissesroessl.at/webcam2/webcam2.jpg"&gt; The white horse inn in Austria. Unbelievably to me, there is actually a man swimming the cold in that pool in the back ATM! The hot tub I get, the pool, not so much. Aga will be gone 4days/3nights. Hey wouldn't you know it, I had tacos yesterday, whoohoo! Anyway, won't keep you from your last minute stuff, have a great time, eat well, and I'll expect to hear back from you next week.
      Have a good one,

      1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
        mr. mzs zsm msz esq

        <img src="http://www.fnal.gov/pub/today/images12/cool-coyote-s.jpg"&gt; Hi Stormies, just had to share this. The bitsy image is a link to the huge one if you click. It was taken by Marty Murphy. I think I have seen the same coyote walking near there, but there is a similarly colored female one near there too. How do they know? Anyway also saw a grey one west of this location last week. 5537.1

    38. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Hello! I see you are having friends coming over…I think today right? Hopefully the weather works out for your mountain trip if they want to go. It's been very rainy here, which is quite a change from the rest of the summer. We'll take it though, there have been reports of farmers being unable to harvest soybeans because they were shattering in the combine from being so dry and they couldn't till the fields because they were so hard. Of course you've been dry for like over a year now so that probably isn't new to you.
      Also, here is the picture (if it works)!
      <img src="https://6nai3g.bay.livefilestore.com/y1m5Zp4lYjHy5zpfRA2ZfgJtLmqq8_z4xCdmA2M1XK79yV_-S75qgh878sAPLs2YtYVWALJoKy9gWeXN7AN6pQSKwuSCUIgYdxdbjjBE6In3DZq1i8azsrsvg/DSC_0496.JPG?psid=1&quot; width="400/">

    39. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Too bad the only rain we've really gotten had to come when you were doing scouts. My weekend was fun. My girlfriend and I went to see Weird Al in Milwaukee. What a fun show he and his band put on! And then at the end we got to take pictures with his Stormtroopers from Star Wars! I've also had time to finally get my Halloween costume together. Had to do some paper mache which I haven't done since second grade. Pretty easy and I'm surprised how solid basically paper and flour is once dry!
      Neat picture of work by the way…that's desktop worthy!

    40. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      That photo is incredible, the clouds, you, her, really it's priceless, way to go!
      After Halloween please tell us what your costume was, I'm assuming it's great. I suggested this to Aga:
      But she is scared! Dang, it's the next city over from where my parent live too, so we could have left the kiddos there.
      Have a good one,

    41. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, mzs, jpg……….Sadly, my friends left to go back to Texas Saturday. My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time driving in the mountains and visiting. The time just went too darned fast though. Her husband's business trip to Denver went well. The weather couldn't have been better in the high 70's during the day and low 40's at night with no moisture. We saw so many wild animals in the mountains; it was awesome. We saw many, many deer, a coyote, a big herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and a few antelope. On our way through Cripple Creek we even saw four wild donkeys.
      What a great picture of the coyote lying down on that cement thing…….lucky shot! I hope all is going well with you being Mr. Mom over the weekend. You've definitely got your hands full.
      TowerofPower………That proposal picture is fantastic! She looks flabbergasted! Did she have any idea that you were going to propose? I just love it! As you can see from my comment to mzs, or whoever that guy is, the weather couldn't have been better when my company was here. I just wish they could have stayed longer, but they had to get home. Good to see you!

    42. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/559593_905675127650_1743210281_n.jpg"&gt; No webcam today, these photos are better. Not sure the last two will work, tried to share these first ones on oppo+ to great failure. <img src="https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/47489_905675167570_1133744593_n.jpg"&gt;
      <img src="https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/69784_905675087730_1180088058_n.jpg"&gt; Yup that's the pilot inspecting the duct tape and pop riveted cooling hardware AFTER the flight! <img src="https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/270441_905674943020_286813192_n.jpg&quot; width="640">
      [youtube OgTseyzXS6U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgTseyzXS6U youtube] They made it back though.
      Sorry have to get back to work, UPS failed this morning during a site-wide power-outage. I'll give full report later in week. Glad yo had fun with friends, wish they could have stayed longer. I want to know the food highlights from their visit though!
      Have a good one,

      1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
        mr. mzs zsm msz esq

        And of course I messed it up one of those links, sorry:

    43. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, air……………Nice airplane. Who got a ride in it? Meals with my company here consisted of Italian one night, Mexican another night and the worst Chinese food I've eaten in my life another night. It was at a local place which I used to think was the best of the 3 Chinese restaurants in town. The food was swimming in oil and was horrible. We couldn't eat it. I'll never go back there again. I don't know if it's different cook/chef or what the deal was, but it was nasty.
      On today's bicycle post, I got so tickled a little while ago. I posted a pic of a Ford GT with a bicycle on the back. Some of us were making silly comments about the car and what it was. A new Hoon replied to me that it was a Ford GT. I explained to him that we all knew that and were just being silly. I guess my avatar doesn't show up as a Ford GT very well.
      Gotta go!

    44. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://asakusa.kanx.biz/imageshow.php"&gt; Wow Tokyo Sky Tree! I saw this in person, but thought it was called simply Tokyo Tower. Sky Tree is way better name. They all flew in that little patriotically marked plane, all on the same trip even. Sorry about your revolting Chinese. That happened to me once. I had a guy I shared an office with who was Chinese. And I had moved from CA back to IL. So I said I would take him to this Chinese place I liked. Well over the few years it had been, it got really disgusting, it was very embarrassing to me. Today Aga returns, yippie! I'm supposed to make Italian. Tortellini in white sauce, wish me luck. I was going to surprise her with crem brule or how ever that is spelled but I have only been able to find puddin and flan mix in grocery stores! Annoying thing is it was way hard to find the butane for the cooking torch 🙁 Anyway, while looking for the crem brule mix I found this butter crust pizza, so I'll bring that to the airport. She always like butter crust pizza, hard to find around here. I have some more cleaning to do, did a bunch already. One funny/annoying thing: When the 6minutes light is lit on the washer, that really can mean 25min more, cause there are three more things it does as it wobbles around. Who came-up with that? I liked the bike stuff, I went just now, thanks for the heads-up. Also skitter's got a funny story there as well. Wait a minute, my photo looks completely different, guess I did not see Sky Tree after all 🙁 <img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-T6dfDrU9j98/TObop3mkkbI/AAAAAAAAB5w/6P5WBrEHqoo/s640/051.jpg"&gt;
      Have a good one,
      PS: Stupid high pitched whine was there this night as well! Someday when I am not so tired, I will locate it, yo have been warned sound…

    45. $kaycog Avatar

      zsm, msz, tut…………You still don't know what that whining sound is? Do you hear it in the daytime too or just at night? I hope your better half got home okay. How was your dinner and Creme Brulee? That Sky Tree thing is absolutely beautiful! Not much going on here………a wildfire in Southern CO. I think it started in the foothills and is headed East onto the plains. Cold and snow/rain/nothing is heading our way for Friday. I hope it snows feet in the mountains. Glad your wifey is home.

    46. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://www.shokoku-ji.or.jp/kinkakuji/webcam/hugesize.jpg"&gt; The only English word on the web page this came from was "Copyrighted" ha ha ha, it's Kobe Japan, I think. I certainly hope it does not snow feet, that's gross and would smell bad! Yes Aga made it back, no C.B. (ca]'t spell that) but the pizza and tortellini were fine. Also I brought apple juice in the car for her to have something to drink. I'll tell you a funny thing. It's long, so I will skip details. Aga was having trouble to get on the plane for the trip out to DC. Gate was moved (that's all the long also funny details). So finally she gets to the gate the plane is actually at. People are boarding, she asks a passenger if the plane is headed to DC and the passenger nods. So she gets on. And when the plane is on the ground someone comes on the intercom and says they are headed to Dallas. Crap, nothing she can do now she thinks, so she just sits there. Then they land and she is about to call me on the cellphone, when they welcome everybody to DC. Turns-out Dulles was the airport in DC and it sounds a lot like Dallas!
      Have a good one,

    47. $kaycog Avatar

      smz, szm, woe………It's a very cool day here, and they're still talking snow/rain tonight. I'm not going to hold my breath. I guess you've seen that a 17-year old boy was arrested (and confessed) to the murder of that little girl in the Denver area. Sick-o. That boy has some serious mental problems. Enough of that. I really got a laugh out of the Dulles/Dallas story. Saying them both aloud, I can see where people would get confused. I'm sure you and the kids are glad that Mom is home. Later!

    48. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hi Skay,
      <img src="http://mentor9.dyndns.org:8181/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi&quot; width="640"> I wonder if this one will work, it's like a movie, motion-jpeg. A hotel in Greece with a view of this glorious blue water! Anyway sometimes you can hear the sound during the day. i have to drive to a different part of the lab today. If I have the time I will hunt it if the noise is still there. It was this morning. I have a hunch of what it is now too. It kept Kevin up a few nights back I found-out 🙁 It got colder here too. Was nice until last evening, got windy/rainy, now cold this morning. Today is talent show and a pizza party, though also a movie at the middle school. Have no idea yet who is going to what. Aga is taking photos of a dog now, that's a first for her. Well for work at least. I wonder how that will go, ha! The dog is black so it will be hard to get some definition in body. Did I say about the international days we are doing with the kids? It's great. Friday was Italy and yesterday was Japan. We have this atlas near the dining table. The kids get atlas books and we eat food from those countries while the kids tell us what they find about about that country. It's really fun, though kids got a bit silly last night!
      [youtube NeI0EFbuwFE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeI0EFbuwFE youtube]
      Have a good one,

    49. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      That Nightmare Chicago thing looks fun, and a Miss Zombie pageant, that's too funny! My costume for Halloween is deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse). He's an electronic dance musician and he always wears his signature mouse head. I think it's funny the way his name came to be. He's a big techie and while fixing a computer for someone he found a mouse than had crawled into the computer case and died. From then on everyone referred to him as 'that dead mouse guy" and he eventually adopted the name when he started making music as deadmau5. Here is fun video I found of him and the Microsoft Green buddy guy:
      He doesn't license any company to make his mouse heads because he thinks there is more creativity generated when people make their own, and I would agree. Mine is a giant hamster ball, which I paper mached and painted. Then I drilled holes and mounted the eyes, ears and mouth with bolts and metal strips. It was quite a little project, but fun to put together.
      Have a good Halloween weekend!
      P.S. I will find a new place for us in the next post…

    50. Tower_Of_Power Avatar

      Thanks for the complements on the picture. I really didn't think it would turn as well as it did. She says that she had no idea it was happening, so surprise! I'm glad the weather worked out for your visitors. Those kinds of things always go by too fast. Do you have any Halloween plans? One of my friends is having a get together this weekend after the Badger homecoming game. We may go to what they call "Freak Fest" in downtown Madison where everyone from miles around comes to walk around with their costumes on. I've never actually gone but since I made this whole costume (mostly a head) that I described in mzs' post, I should probably do something.
      Happy Halloween weekend!
      New Place!

  18. P161911 Avatar

    Weekdays it is the local news-talk station in the morning and that or NPR in the evening. Weekends skip around the various radio stations or maybe CDs. My car has a CD changer in the trunk, I'm not even sure what CDs are in it. On long trips the tape adapter and MP3 player come out.
    In the truck it is the MP3 player and an ear bud, the in dash head unit is dead.

  19. TurboBrick Avatar

    I listen to the radio, both AM AND FM. 550am KTSA for the traffic reports and the automotive show on the weekends is entertaining. The local talk shows are okay, as long as the topic of the day is a local issue or football, any other topic just degenerates into the "2-minute hate" very quickly.
    On the FM side it's recently been mostly NPR and the local college station that plays some blues. I tried listening to the country stations for a few weeks, but they had the same problem as every other music station = they will play the same stuff over and over and over and over again until you're so sick of it that you go back to NPR – even if it means you have to listen to stories about how sexual discrimination affects left-handed ladlemakers in Zaire and that awful interlude music.

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      I used to listen to NPR on the way up to school and back… my favourite moment was when they announced their sponsors one afternoon and followed that up with a good twenty second loop (no lyrics) from the end of 'Deeez Nuuuts'.

  20. Alff Avatar

    Wind noise, exhaust note and, on a good day, tire squeal.

  21. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Both cars have aftermarket tape decks and four passable speakers. The 244's Panasonic has a line-in jack and a slight tendency to eat cassettes (which doesn't matter, since I just hook up my mp3 player); the 745's Pioneer I installed myself (since it came without a head unit) and just plays the several cassettes I keep in the car – Clapton's Slowhand and Unplugged, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours (their eponymous album is somewhere, possibly in the other car), the Eagles' Hotel California, Aerosmith's greatest hits, and a few others. I've got the best of the Charlie Daniels Band, too, which in all honesty would have been better had they just looped "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".
    Of course, both cars are also loud enough that music isn't always a practical option. The 244's under-axle pipe simply came out and needs to be reinstalled, while the 745 doesn't have anything behind the cat aside from about 2" of pipe. Both, however, sound glorious.

  22. mdharrell Avatar

    For short trips I content myself with glancing at the stationary hands on the long-dead clock, hoping to witness a miracle of self-repair, but for longer drives it's fun to watch the counters on the Aifab Gemini lurch into quasi-random positions as the heavily worn drive mechanism clicks in and out of engagement. Its 'reverse' and 'reset' buttons mostly function okay, so I can mix things up a bit. At least the genuine Hawk™ Mario Andretti racing tach works just fine– that's what really matters.
    <img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2698/4518141434_453279cf80.jpg&quot; width="450">

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      That AIFAB decal looks amusingly like FUBAR.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Decal? Decal?!? I'll have you know, sir, that this isn't some sort of two-bit metal-cased Halda Twinmaster. No. That logo is an integral, raised part of the plastic casting, highlighted with paint.
        That aside, you're right. It's fitting. Doesn't work worth a damn.

        1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

          My most humble apologies. Also you've reminded me that I always wanted a Terratrip for my Rover, meaning more inappropriate spending could be on my horizon….

  23. LTDScott Avatar

    I have never owned an iPod, and my iPhone has no music on it. My commute is 10 mins in the morning and 20 mins in the afternoon, so during the week I don't have much need for in car entertainment. It's rare that I take road trips more than 3-4 hours, so the radio is sufficient in most cases.
    In fact, when I go out of town, I actually like listening to local radio to get a flavor of the area. I remember getting a kick out of listening to Calgary radio when I was in Glacier National Park. Then again, on that particular trip, we were in my fiancee's car which has a very nice Pioneer nav/stereo and we had 32 gigs worth of music on an SD card. But that trip was 6500 miles through some empty land, so we needed something other than the radio.

  24. '76Mini Avatar

    The engine. The exhaust. The gearbox whine in lower gears.
    Also because the radio stations here suck, the classic rock station rarely plays anything worthy of that title, and the CBC killed the only classical station we had.

  25. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

    In my R/T it depends. On the typical commute to work its usually my iPod plugged into a FM dealie. On longer trips I Usually listen to Podcasts. I still keep copies of my favorite CD's in the truck because they sound better than an ipod going through a FM dealie. Every once in awhile I'll tune into the local talk station, or NPR, especially if their is a storm predicted.

    1. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

      Forgot to mention that If I'm in a tunnel, it's Radio off, Windows down. Nothing like the sound of that 360 reverberating off the walls

  26. goingincirclez Avatar

    What I usually prefer is windows down, to allow the sweet cacophany of the the underpowered 3.0/CVT combo in the Failstyle to blast through, like the mouse that roared. My family tends to disagree however, boo.
    My commute is so short it basically doesn't matter, but recently I've fallen in love with the local indie/college station, 88.1 WRFL Lexington. Never a dull or uninteresting moment, and no commercials = bliss.
    On long trips I'm still a CD luddite. The Failstyle does have a 6-CD / MP3 changer though, so 6 CDs loaded up = 4GB of MP3s = uninterrupted road trip. Since the driver is the DJ, that's good enough for me.

  27. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    My Audi has that most 90's of combinations, the hedge-your-bets tape 'n CD stacker. The cassette player is doubly handy, I have rediscovered a bunch of old mix tapes that I thought had been lost to the ravages of time forever; I can also use it as an input for my slightly quaint Olympus MP3 player. My 6-disc has had the same 6 discs in it for months, a heady blend of Floyd, Gershwin, New Young Pony Club, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits and Massive Attack. The radio just annoys me, I get fed up switching presets to avoid tunes or DJs that piss me off.
    My daily commute has about seven minutes of interesting roads, after that I need music. Neither the four cylinder Audi nor the diesel Alfa sound good enough to listen to for pure aural pleasure while you're cruising at 80.

  28. B72 Avatar

    I prefer FM radio for long drives, as there is more chance there that I'll hear something new than there is when I listen to my own collection.
    I recently discovered the joys of aftermarket car stereo. Crutchfield, installer.com, etc. It's like an erector set for your ears!

  29. Thrashy Avatar

    I've got the PO's old bargain-bin head unit in the CRX, and the tuner never goes off the local rock station. I'd like to replace it at some point, but then I think, "If I get this sucker out, I'm then going to remove the busted old speakers too… and then I'll decide I don't want the added weight, and then I'll not have a stereo anymore." So even though it's marginal at best, I leave that old system in place as a deterrent against excessive lightness-adding in a car that still has to be my commuter for a year or two more.

  30. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Laserdisca are where it's at. Because I need a ride that's full up with frikkin' Lasers!

  31. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    Gas pedal, clutch, gear shift and steering wheel. We don't need no stinkin brakes or music!

  32. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    A couple of years ago I became hopelessly addicted to WWJ 950 AM in Detroit. "Traffic and Weather on the 8's" I even have WWJ programmed into the phone, so that I can be a traffic tipster.
    The new (used) car is one with the antenna built into the rear glass, and sometimes (which I don't understand why sometimes, and not all the time) using the rear window defogger makes AM reception almost impossible. "Do I want to see what's behind me, or hear about what's 5 minutes in front of me?"

    1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      I, too, have the integral AM antenna in the rear window of the Benz, and my AM receptions is lousy all the time; now I'll have to see if turning on the rear defroster makes it any worse, just to satisfy my curiosity…

      1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

        Let me know what you find out. Odd thing is that at different times it seems to affect the reception differently, from barely noticable, to completely unlistenable.

  33. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    My 1997 E320 came with AM/FM/WB/Cassette as standard; the dealership offered to install a trunk-mounted six-CD changer for 'only' US$1200, which I declined. I briefly pursued getting an aftermarket changer that would work with the existing head and wiring to the trunk, for around $300, then lost interest.
    I am pleasantly surprised by the variety of FM radio options here in the Prescott/Cottonwood/Verde Valley/Flagstaff area in Northern Arizona, but for longer road trips I still have my home made CD-to-cassette dubs, some of which date back to the 1980s. I recently bought a cassette-shaped adapter to permit listening to my MP3 player (for $5 at the Family Dollar store), but I have yet to actually hook it up and use it.

  34. lilwillie Avatar

    Loud pipes or screaming kids is all I can hear.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      You need louder pipes.
      Note: This may prove to be an iterative solution. Stick with it. It may seem interminable, but the kids can only get so loud.

    2. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

      well, if you stopped offering free candy, that might stop the screaming kid problem

      1. dead_elvis Avatar

        It's not the offering, it's the lack of follow-through causing the screaming.

      2. lilwillie Avatar


      3. njhoon Avatar

        I was thinking more duct tape.

  35. tiberiusẅisë Avatar

    Sorry to sound like a shill but Serius satellite radio can't be beat. 150 stations of music, talk, comedy and news. TraveLink updates the navigation system with traffic conditions.
    Add the Sync system with the USB in and you've got it all.

  36. mad_science Avatar

    41 miles each way in the Falcon, it's probably 85% NPR on my "fake classic" AM/FM/Tape/Aux deck.
    You'd think that in a hub of pop culture like LA, there'd be some good radio stations…alas, KROQ leaves me both angry at the annoying DJs and disappointed as to how little progress they've made in the last 15 years of music.
    When NPR gets bogged down with a human interest piece that's 10x longer than it should be, I'll kick over to classic rock or remember that I have my 1GB no-name mp3 player hooked up on the aux line. Alas, the battery's usually dead and I'm reminded that I'm in dire need of some new music (at least on the player).
    Sadly, the WRXagon is an '06, stuck in an ICE world from 2000, meaning the in-dash 6CD changer doesn't recognize MP3s and there's no aux in.

    1. Alff Avatar

      "When NPR gets bogged down with a human interest piece that's 10x longer than it should be"
      Thumbs up for that phrase alone.

    2. Thrashy Avatar

      An acquaintance of mine has actually fitted up his same-vintage Legacy wagon with a jury-rigged aux-in. I can't recall specifics off the top of my head, but there are plenty of how-to's on the 'tubes. His even had a nicely-integrated minijack set into the center console.

  37. P161911 Avatar

    A few years back I had rather long 1-2 hour commutes. I started listening to a lot of books on tape. My car at the time a 96 Z-28 only had a CD player. I would get some books on CD, but the tapes were always cheaper off ebay. So I found my old walkman type cassette player and stuck an FM modulator in the headphone jack. As long as I had AAs I could listen.

  38. tonyola Avatar

    My road tunes for now consist of a 160 GB iPod with my entire music collection (about 130 GB) and a cassette adapter for the Buick. I never listen to commercial radio anymore and after listening to Sirius/XM on DirecTV, I'm not interested in a subscription for the car. I really can't take audio books – I hate being read to because it's much too slow and the pace is fixed.

  39. CptSevere Avatar

    My '66 F100 has never had a stereo, not even an AM radio. It has the grille in the dashboard for the speaker, but not even a hole where the radio would go, and I'm not about to cut one and put some crappy head unit in there. Also, it would be a shame to cut holes in the doors for speakers, if I did put a system in. The Road Condo, my RV, had both the cab and coach stereos stolen or removed long ago, I just use a ghetto blaster when I'm driving or camping in it. Works fine.
    However, it gets boring when you have no tunes. Instead of buying three different units for the two vehicles, I'd like to get one decent one and and be able to transfer it from the truck to the motorhome, and from the cab to the coach. I don't even know if you can get those under-dash slide mounts anymore, but that would be a good setup. Also, it's ridiculously easy to break into both vehicles, so I hate the idea of leaving a decent unit in either of them, even though my town isn't what you'd call high crime (everybody's armed to the teeth).

    1. mad_science Avatar

      Might I suggest some kind of Murilee-Martin-esque 12V powered head-unit based ghetto blaster in a form factor that you could drop under the seats with the speakers facing forward?

      1. CptSevere Avatar

        Not a bad idea, but I'd rather design it so that it sits under the dashboard, perched on the transmission tunnel. There's not much room under the seats in either truck. Besides, the Condo has bucket seats (just like what you'd find in a '64 Chevelle).

      2. CptSevere Avatar

        I think I just figured it out. What I should do is get a marine stereo enclosure, which holds a regular stereo unit and fits under the dash hanging from brackets. It has wires sticking out of it, which I'd connect to power, speakers, and the antenna with jacks, identical in both vehicles. That way I could move the stereo from one truck to the other, and use it in the rear of the RV, too. Plus, it will protect the stereo from dust when I'm out in the desert. Problem solved.

  40. dolo54 Avatar

    That's funny you mentioned an NPR/hip-hop addict as my radio alternates between NPR and KDAY (check out their playlist: http://www.935kday.com/page/51/Playlist)
    I got an aftermarket head unit with an aux in cable that I dremeled a hole for in the little cubby under the head unit for when I want to hear my mp3 player instead.

  41. fisheater Avatar

    When I am with company, I prefer conversation to entertain me over music. When I am by myself, I will hit up the local radio. It is nice to be not be in charge of what music I am listening to.

  42. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    My favorite in-car entertainment was a foreign exchange student I met while she was in collage.
    (wipes away tear of joy)

    1. dmilligan Avatar

      You are a filthy, filthy man, you lucky bastard.

      1. ZomBee Racer Avatar

        And by collage of course I mean that place where all them hot smart chicks hang out.

  43. dmilligan Avatar

    Eh? What's that you say? Maintain free fences? Why would I do that? You gotta speak up sonny, I don't hear so good anymore.

  44. GTXEliminator Avatar

    What's playing on my radio? Conservative talk, Sports talk, classic rock, alternative, and country (Very rarely). In that order.

  45. buzzboy7 Avatar

    At this point in time I'm driving my mom's car with an FM transmitter. I hate it. I'd love an Aux port or Ipod adapter but that'll have to wait until I buy a new car. My car has a CD player which I like quite a bit. The only problem is that it's zip-tied into the "glove box" and it bounces around quite a bit.

  46. Lex Avatar

    Not enough of a commute to matter, nor is anywhere far enough away from me that music is absolutely necessary. Consequently, i'll put one CD in the head unit (aftermarket in an '87 truck, of course, but nothing fancy in terms of speakers) and it will stay there for weeks.
    If we're traveling out of town we're in the Honda, which doesn't have a CD player but with an iPhone and an iPod between us there's plenty of music/podcasts to entertain us. I hate the FM modulators, but we have one anyhow. Thankfully we also have one of those minijack to cassette things and the Honda is styling 20th Century music technology.

  47. Eggwich Avatar

    I am 90% listen to the engine sounds guy. Even with a stock exhaust (kind of a forbidden in the Mustang world), my car sounds better than it goes. And if I drive by a concrete bus stop embankment or anything else I can bounce sound off, I run the gears way out and love every minute of it.
    If not then, KNBR, San Francisco sports radio.
    If not that, then whatever music I have on my phone at the time. Clipse gets a lot of play, as does Built to Spill.
    I have CDs of Van Halen's Greatest Hits and Slayer's South of Heaven in case of emergency.
    I was also listening to a book on CD (Robert Jordan's Eye of the World), but I'm kind of embarassed by that. It's one thing to read about wizardry, it's a whole nother thing to listen to it while in view of others. The shame, it is a cloud that will not lift.

  48. RWB Avatar

    My faceplate stolen
    I hear nothing but a leak
    From my rusty pipes

  49. Brett MacPherson Avatar
    Brett MacPherson

    Nothing but CBC Radio 2 for this fella. Sunday nights are my favourite time to travel because of the line up. Deep Roots, Vinyl Tap (w/ Randy Bachman of The Guess Who), and The Strombo Show. Best 7 hours of radio anywhere in the world.

  50. facelvega Avatar

    Cruising in the old Buick, it's either NPR, college radio stations for as long as you can tune them flying by on the highway, or the stacks of old and decaying tapes I made in the eighties and early nineties, the last time I had a car with a tape deck and religiously made tapes of all my LPs and CDs for the car. REM, anyone? Pere Ubu? Sorry, I threw the 10,000 Maniacs out the window when I realized how obnoxious Natalie Merchant was. How did I not notice it back then?

  51. njhoon Avatar

    During the week the incessant drivel coming from the passenger seat tends to drown out the radio that is tuned to my local rock FM station. On the weekends or when I am alone it tends to be the All News All the Time station which I turn the volume way down. I have a cd player that rarely gets used except for long trips or again when I am alone.

  52. TurboBrick Avatar

    Well I just upgraded my entertainment, at least temporarily! I put those Hooniverse Hoonicasts on my phone and played them back through a tape adapter in my car on my way to work. I just never was able to find the time to listen to them at home when the kids wouldn't be screaming.

  53. dukeisduke Avatar

    I still use the factory AM/FM cassette in my truck, plus I have a 15-year-old Sony Car Discman CD player stashed in the center console, with extension cables running under the sill plates for power to the fuse block (hot on ignition run) and to the cassette adapter stored in the ashtray. When I want to listen to a CD, I open the center console and pop in a disc, then open the ashtray, grab the cassette adapter, and pop it into the cassette slot.
    The left rear speaker has been an on again, off again proposition for several years, but I just live with it. Also, a couple of years ago, some the front panel lights in the radio died (every other one under the buttons – figure that one out), but I just deal with that as well.

  54. AteUpWithMotor Avatar

    If I ever get around to installing an AUX hookup, I may never turn on the radio again.

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