Over the weekend, I posed a question on Twitter asking folks about their favorite socket sets. The answers varied, as you’d expect, but not by a large margin. The general consensus seems to be that Husky, Tekton, and Harbor Freight are solid choices for the at-home wrench. Modern Craftsman stuff gets a “No thanks!” from most folks, which is an obvious change from a few decades ago. There were a few votes for a brand called GearWrench, and two hand-raisers for a set from Wera, with the caveat, that it’s in the “Buy once, cry once” level of tool purchasing. (I’m dumb and I hate money, apparently, guess which set I ordered…)

So what’s your favorite brand for tools right now? I am using a lot of Milwaukee stuff for my powered tools. I’ve bought into the battery ecosystem there so it makes sense to stay within that brand for my needs. With the hand tools, I’m not partial to anyone and I’m curious to hear what you’re all using out there. I’ve included a few Twitter answers below as well.