Hooniverse Asks: What’s your favorite lesser-known race track?

The other day I mentioned that I’d gone on a vacation. I spent time with friends and family. Oh, and an Audi Q8. Part of my time, however, was spent in an iconic sports car at a private race track. It’s called Club Motorsports, and it quickly became one of my favorite places to drive a car.

Nestled into the hills surround Tamworth, New Hampshire, Club Motorsports is a slithering slice of tarmac cut into granite and trees. The track is 40-feet wide, boasts 250 feet of elevation change, and is comprised of 15 turns over the course of 2.5 miles. Laguna Seca has 180 feet of elevation change. COTA has 133. When you’re driving at Club Motorsports, you’re running with the terrain in a beautiful way.

I’ll go into greater detail of my time at Club Motorsports very soon. The short of it is that I borrowed a friend’s first-generation Acura NSX. He’s a member of the track, and he spoke to the powers that be so I could get in two run sessions. The car was fantastic. The circuit was wonderful. And the people running the show are great as well.

But right now, I want to know about other lesser-known race tracks. I’ve driven a handful of circuits, some very well known, others less so. Which ones are your favorites? Let me know, below!

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