Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Favorite Fantasy Corvette?

The Corvette marque is closing in on 60 years old, an age were one typically slows down and takes it a little easier. Not the Corvette however, it just keeps getting faster and more Corvettier. But one thing that such an age brings – especially for a halo car like the ‘Vette – is a multitude of show cars, one-offs, and might-have-been models, littering its family tree.

Since its debut in 1953, the Corvette has spawned sport wagons, life sized Hot Wheels editions, Wankel-powered suppositories, and retro-futuristic designs intended to either appeal to or offend all onlookers. It seems you can’t swing a dead cat lest hitting a non-production Corvette, so many have been popped out over the years by the Bow Tie boys. And of course that discounts all the unique racing editions that have torn up tracks over the past 6 decades. Add them in and you’re going to need a couple extra valets on the Island of Misfit ‘Vettes.

Corvettes have not only lived long enough to have spawned pretenders to the throne, but also fans who gravitate to specific generations. There are C2 aficionados who know where every wave in the fiberglass should exist, and C4 fans who also favor gold chains and mirrored aviators. Regardless of which Corvette coveter you are, is there a never-never ‘Vette that you fancy the most?

Image: [conceptcarz]

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