Hooniverse Asks: What's Your Favorite Factory Side Stripe?

What’s the best way to make your car go faster? That’s right, put stripes on it. Hood stripes are good, as they can be seen by drivers you are gaining on, but what about shutting down a competition next to you at a stop light, how would you do that?
With side stripes, that’s how. Side stripes are the best stripes and a lot of car makers have embraced both their greatness and their flexibility in making them almost as emotive and exciting as the cars that carry them. With that all in mind, what do you think is the best side stripe design there is?
Image: Creative Vinyl


      1. I was born in the land of frozen lakes, but we moved away before I was old enough for hockey. We moved because my dad took a new job in advertising (magazines, not outdoor, though).

      1. That’s a bit like seeing…eh…voluminous hips dressed in tights. The same thing, but…not the same.

      1. A friend and I spotted one of these outside a local car show this weekend. I’ll admit neither of us could id it as a Buick.

      1. Did any of you ever try and remove the early Ford stripage?
        Miserable crap came off in tiny pieces,and only a few years old then.

        1. One of the instructors I DE with has a 10 yr old MINI… with the factory stripes crumbling off. Looked appropriate.

  1. I have to nominate the Buick Opel S/C. Because the rocker stripe was literally the only thing that gave this otherwise abominable car the least hint of character or attractiveness.

          1. Not sure if you’re serious, but I certainly did not intend to hurt your feelings.

          2. Hurt my feelings? You insulted my truck.The stripes are gold and silver,neither color is “pastel”.

          3. Hurt my feelings? You insulted my truck.The stripes are gold and silver,neither color is “pastel”.

  2. This is arguably as much paint scheme as side stripe, but I’m hoping the Judges are in a benevolent mode ’cause I’ve wanted Mike Hailwood Replica Ducati all my life…

  3. The perfectly color-matched Laser Stripes on the ’72 Torino Sport. Look good in any color!

  4. So…a technical follow up on this: What is the best material for stripes? Are some of them actually painted on and clear coated? Or is it all some sort of stickers? Vinyl? Plastics? Melted goat hair? We want it to last and retain its colour, right?

  5. For Your Eyes Only – 1985 Lotus Esprit.. Factory on red was a gold color.. I preferred the Black..

    1. That’s clearly an MG though, not an Austin. Because an Austin would have had a completely different sticker on the back 😉

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