Hooniverse Asks: What’s your dream motorcycle?

I don’t need a bike. Nor do I have the gear, license, or training required to ride one. But that doesn’t mean I don’t daydream about owning one. In fact, I know exactly which new bike I’d buy were I on the hunt for such a thing. The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled speaks to me.

Paint it dark green. Black out all of the red trim pieces. Maybe add a dash of bronze to the wheels. From there, I’d add the appropriate gear and pretend that I’m Chris Pratt in Jurassic World running with a flock of Velociraptors.

Ignore that last bit. That’s for me. That’s private.

For those of you who do ride, what bike are you currently eyeballing or at least dreaming about when you should be working? For those of you that do not ride, if you ever thought about dipping your toes into two-wheeled waters, which bike would bring you into the mix?

I know that you should never start with a new bike as your first bike. Years bike, I was chatting with former Jalopnik moto dude turned adventure all star Wes Siler, and he said the best first bike is a cheap used one. That’s because you’re going to drop it. Repeatedly. Breaking off freshly baked bike bits would be painful. Learning on an aged machine though, while still painful is far less so.

Despite knowing that, I still would love to have a Ducati Scrambler tucked away in my garage. It has the attitude and aesthetic I want from a motorcycle. I harbor no desires of going fast on a sport bike. There’s zero need to cruise around on an oversized Harley or Honda. The Scrambler sits in a sweet spot for me… even if I have no real plans of ever venturing there.

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