Hooniverse Asks- What’s the World's Most Iconic OHV Straight Six?

Blue-Flame-Six If I were to ask you to name the world’s most well-known and emblematic V8, your most likely response would be: Tatra’s aluminum 2,545-cc T603F. I mean, duh! Actually, there’s but a select few of us who would make such a claim, and that’s why I love you guys so much. No, the truth be told, the most iconic V8 is likely Chevrolet’s ubiquitous 350, almost universally known as the Small-Block-Chevy. Ask the same question about OHC straight sixes and you’d no doubt hear the most votes go for BMW’s M50, or perhaps a strong contingent pulling for Jag’s long-lived XK mill. When it comes to inline sixes that keep their cams in their heads, there’s a lively debate to be had. When it comes however, to the engines with the same number of pots in the same orientation, but with a single cam residing in the block, well then things can get a little hazy. Actually, the Overhead Valve straight six represents one of automotive history’s most enduring formats, and one that – in many cases – has proven to be Michael Myers-esque in their resilience. An OHV straight six powered the first Corvettes, and any number of ‘economy’ cars of the sixties. Chrysler liked to slant theirs, while Ford made them by the thousands so that even timid people could share in the enjoyment of a Mustang. Whether one of those or another, what do you think has become the world’s most iconic OHV straight six? Image: Hemmings Blog

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