Hooniverse Asks- What’s The Weirdest OEC* Car? (Weird Week)

*Other European Country

Today is Friday, and that means we’re wrapping up our European Weird Week. And in doing so – after looking at the wares of Italy, Great Britain, France and Germany – we’re lumping all the other European countries in together for a Weird Week melange to close things out.

Some people may thank those ‘Big Four’ are pretty much all there is in Yurrup for car production, but they would be oh so wrong. From Spain’s VW subsidiary SEAT, to Donkervoort in the Netherlands, the Continent is pretty incontinent when it comes to pooping out any number of unique rides. 

And that’s not even considering the off-brand tuners like Rinspeed, who every few years bring out a Lotus Submarine or something designed for traversing Pluto. Still, the bikini girl in the picture above seems unperturbed by that company’s golf cart situated just behind her, nor does she by the asylum staffers playing badminton with racquetball rackets. You too should be so carefree, it is Friday after all. And while you’re taking it easy, why don’t you let us know what you think is the weirdest Other European Country Car?

Image: [carmk]

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