The internet is a wonderful place. While some friends and I were gawking at how far Buick Regal TourX values have fallen, one found a dealer ad with something a bit… odd. At first we thought the dealer had actually gotten a model to pose with the inventory for some reason. But upon closer look, no real human could have such a dark and empty gaze. It’s a mannequin. They actually got a mannequin and posed it next to the car and then made it their ad. And then they put it on the internet.

So that got me thinking. Because the internet is as vast and endless as our universe, there’s bound to be some ads that are even worse than this. I can’t think of any group of car nuts more well-equipped to track these down than our own readers. So pop a link or a screen shot to some of the weirdest car ads you’ve seen. And if you need a Buick Regal TourX in Wisconsin, I know a guy. Ask for the mannequin.