Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Ugliest Mainstream Car Sold Today?

As new models are introduced, and mid-cycle refreshes blur the original designer’s pure intent, I think it’s a good idea every now and then to take stock of what cars and trucks – currently being sold  – really bring the fug.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but most of us can agree about the less aesthetically endowed. Most people that is. I happen to think that Nissan’s Juke is one of the most asstacularly ugly vehicles ever to blight our nation’s roads and multilevel parking structures. There is one individual here however, who shall remain nameless coughgluckercough, who thinks it’s the bee’s knees. He’s wrong, I’m right. In fact, I think that Nissan might get my vote for fug king of the present U.S. car market.

But I’m just a simple unfrozen caveman, and my opinion holds little sway when taken in light of the hive-like, incomprehensibly vast brain trust that is Hooniverse commentariat. And I bet you have tons better taste than coughgluckercough, who will continue to go nameless. As such, your opinion matters, and that is why today we’re asking you to opine on which mainstream car (i.e. not those freaky Ssangyongs or something China has recently barfed up) you think requires a bag over its head to be driven? 

Image: [funk.co.nz]

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