Hooniverse Asks: What's the Sexiest C-Pillar?

Quick, what’s the sexiest part of a cat’s body? That’s right, its’ the hips and the way their musculature blends into the lithe lines of their torso. Wait, did I say cat? Shoot, I meant car. Stupid whiskey. Well, whether cat or car, that rear haunch is definitely where it’s going on.
There’s no doubt about it, the C-pillar is undisputedly the best pillar. It’s also the sexiest pillar on a car because there’s so many ways that it can meet with the rear fender line, and as everybody knows, the rear fenders are also the sexiest fenders.
What we want to know today—seeing as we’re all already hot and bothered over that big beautiful T-bird up there—is what car out there has the sexiest C-pillat. What do you think is the car that most drops da’ bomb when it comes to what in the back?
Image: degeneratepress


        1. Precisely the phrase I wanted to post, but with a different example that was already posted, too (XJ-S).

          1. If I were objective I might agree, but what I see is the shape of my 1st car (a ’73 XR7).

    1. Had AMC actually produced this Tarpon showcar instead of the bigger and uglier Marlin, they might have kept going a little bit longer.

  1. I thought the 62 Chevy thin pillar coupe was one of the most attractive top on a full size American car. The thin c pillar gave the car a very light look. The pillar is nicely sculpted and the rear window is a complex design that enhances the airy look.

  2. A C-pilar that defined a niche: the shooting brake. Probably not the first (Volvo ES, chevy nomad) but one of the best executed.

  3. First-generation Acura Legend coupe. The C-pillar is so thin and curvaceous, and the whole greenhouse is wonderfully open and glassy. By the way, I’ve never seen a four-door T-bird without the vinyl roof either in pictures or on the road. Truly odd-looking and probably not factory.

    1. The Lancia Aurelia B56 Florida is beautiful, as long as you don’t get around to the front view…

  4. 1955 Studebaker Speedster – even Studebaker was proud of that C-pillar. I love the stainless steel trim to accentuate its shape and demarcate the colors on the two tone paint.

  5. Studebaker Speedster – even Studebaker was proud of that C-pillar. I love the stainless steel trim to accentuate its shape and demarcate the colors on the two tone paint.

  6. Saab 99, 900 and OG9-3 hatchbacks have the purest, most iconic C-pillar of any car— unlike BMW’s added on Hoffmeister kink, Saab’s C-pillar/ daylight opening profile defined the entire shape of the car. It’s irreducible, like a pair of scissors: it isn’t ‘styled’ but designed, the shape is the function…besides maybe the 911, is there any other car whose C-pillar defines even the hood line? It was awesome Swedish minimalism, once that C-pillar disappeared so did Saab in a lot of ways..

      1. Aye, I was thinking the Classic SAAB three door 900S in silver or Citrin Beige. Owned both, 99 Viggen in Electric Blue was so fast. Loved both. Selling my Viggen felt like dumping the girl I knew I should have married.

      1. They are, and Citroen haven’t only placed up there for styling but to improve their visibility and therefore your safety.

  7. A total of 106 Healey Rolling Chassis was delivered to coachbuilders. H.
    G. Dobbs in Southampton received 16 of them (with the Riley engine) and
    built shooting breaks for them. It is likely that the pictured car is
    one of these cars”

  8. [URL=http://s465.photobucket.com/user/skit0/media/Picture200.jpg.html][IMG]http://i465.photobucket.com/albums/rr17/skit0/Picture200.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
    how has no-one mentioned the sexiest car ever ever built?
    it not only has swoopyness around the back of the windows, it has teeny little buttresses AND fake louvres
    i defy anyone to beat that

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