Hooniverse Asks: What’s the oldest car in which you’d consider commuting?

Some of you want basic safety items. Others need heated seats, a cup holder, and satellite radio. But a handful of you are ok with the basics. An engine. A way to control that engine. And a steering wheel to get you were you need to go. The older a car gets the more likely it is to have less of the many features we take for granted in modern machines. How far back would you be willing to go with regards to a car that you need for a daily commute?

The oldest machine I’ve owned has been my 1965 Ford F100. Some of you are already harumphing and scoffing. You’re in older cars or trucks and you could handle something even more ancient. Others might be cringing at the idea of a daily driver that lacks power steering, power brakes, or even a three-point seatbelt setup.

Everyone’s idea for what they perceive that they need is valid. If you have to have airbags, that’s completely understandable. Maybe you commute a ton for work and GPS is on your must have list. That makes good sense for you.

But maybe your commute is light. Your daily slog to work isn’t terrible. And you could knock it out with a car or truck that’s older than most every car passing you.

What’s the oldest vehicle you’d consider for your daily commute?

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