The Corvette has shed it’s chrysalis and emerged as a mid-engined butterfly. It’s the latest vehicle to undergo a major evolutionary leap forward. But which car or truck is next to do this? Our best guess… the Nissan Z.

Maybe that should read “our best hope” because the Z needs massive attention. It’s incredibly dated, overpriced for what it offers, and falls well behind the competition. Sports cars with both more and less power are more enticing options at this point. If you were to walk into a Nissan dealer and ask about buying a new Z, the sales people would probably honestly be puzzled at this point but also assume you have no idea how to spend your money in an appropriate manner.

Do you believe the Z is the next to evolve, or will it simply twist in the wind until it’s killed off?

If not the Z, which vehicle is next to make a major leap forward? Sound off below.