Hooniverse Asks: What’s the most impressive lap record?

Volkswagen and Romain Dumas pulled off one hell of a feet this past week. The VW ID.R electric race car was brought to Germany’s Green Hell. A singular mission was at hand, and it involved dispatching 13 miles of racing circuit faster than any electric vehicle prior. Dumas pulled it off. He drove one hell of a lap and smashed the old time in the process. His lap record stands at 6:05.336.

It’s not the fastest lap at the ‘Ring overall, of course. That honor belongs to Timo Bernhard and the Porsche 919 Evo, which set a lightning fast lap time of 5:19.55. Still, the efforts by the Volkswagen Motorsport team are phenomenal. Especially when you consider that the prior lap record, before Porsche smashed it, was 6:11.13. That was set by Stefan Bellof driving a Porsche 956 back in 1983.

All three of the aforementioned record lap runs are outstanding driving achievements. And I’d hear and accept arguments for any one of them being “better” than another. Bellof did his run in a machine that I’d imagine was as easy to drive as it is to lasso lightning and take it for a ride. Bernhard’s time is pure mind-bending speed. And Dumas proved just how quick and fast an electric race car can go. Though he’d already proven it earlier, when he set a new EV record at Pikes Peak in the same car, albeit with a different tune and aero setup.

Which of these three laps do you think is the best? And the bigger question here, is which lap record is the greatest of all time?

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