On Sunday I was watching the Giants/Jets game and a commercial came on for Ford’s newest crossover. It started out with a pseudo space-theme, showcasing a near-sci-fi sequence of shots showing a man dressed in space attire. And then it turned into traditional commercial-isms, relating “space” to a car on sale today. But towards the end they pitched a line that I can’t get over:

“The all-new 2020 Ford Explorer. It’s the greatest exploration vehicle of all time.”

Given, I haven’t driven the new Explorer yet, but it most certainly is not the greatest exploration vehicle of all time. The Wrangler, 4Runner, G-Wagen, Land Cruiser, HiLux, Range Rovers, and so on would like to have a word with Ford’s marketing division. So would, you know, everything that’s ever been to actual space.

All-in-all it’s a decent commercial with a comically awful tagline. I like the theme and that it shows a dad doing normal, non-heroic dad things, but I can’t get past the laughably high-reaching claim about the vehicle’s merits. Which got me thinking: What’s the most far-fetched marketing slogan of all time?