Hooniverse Asks- What’s the Most Anatomically Evocative Car Shape?

Whether derived from animal, vegetable or mineral, there’s usually an aspect of automotive styling that can be easily identified by its source template. Usually it’s a representation of an animal’s taut musculature, implying massive potential energy. Other times headlights and grille represent an obvious face. Some designs are subtle, while others are more blatant homages to a natural form, but there’s typically no doubt the stylists’ inspiration.

One of the most unfortunate of these was Subaru’s attempt to create a brand face that, sadly for the company, really looked like a body part a couple of feet south. Others have been much more successful; Jag’s E-Type evocation of the female form and Mazda’s semi-insipid smiling face grille among them. But what’s the most obvious anatomical analog in the automotive world?

What car do you think has the most physical similarity to an aspect of animal or human form? Which ones really pull it off?

Image: [jonsibal

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