Mercedes-Benz G-Class garage crash

Hooniverse Asks: What’s the ideal vehicle to be in when flipping out of a parking garage?

The driver of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class is in the hospital right now. They’re lucky they’re not on a slab in the basement of a morgue. Somehow, the throttle pedal was reportedly used when the brakes were a better idea. This led the big Benz to rocket out of the 3rd floor window of a North Hollywood parking garage. Down on Tujunga Avenue, the G Wagen landed on its roof.

The failed flip wasn’t a result of an intoxicated driver but rather a bad mistake, per the LAPD.

The most impressive part, however, is just how intact that G-Wagen appears to be. If you were going to be in such an accident, which vehicle would you hope to be piloting through the air?

You can’t pick the Benz G-Class, since it’s already been unwittingly picked. A Tesla Model X might be a good choice, though I’m curious about the in-air dynamics with that big battery pack sitting beneath you. Convertibles are clearly out. A Ford Raptor might just stick the landing and keep on trucking.

Also a bad choice? A mid-70’s Lincoln Continental wearing small wings and propelled by rockets.

Any modern full-size SUV is likely to be your best defense against a sudden bout of freefall. An Escalade would be a luxury tank with a slight downward trajectory. The Lincoln Navigator would feel like an Amtrak going down a steep grade. As you move to smaller vehicles though, that’s where the problems begin.

If you find yourself in this situation in a Mazda MX-5, your best bet is to immediately crank up the radio. Throw up your best metal horns. Stick out your tongue. And kiss your dumb throttle-pressing ass good bye.

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