It’s two-wheel Tuesday so I want to pay some love and respect to our motorcycle-loving friends. I may not ride, but I look on with envy as you roll past. Often while splitting traffic here in California. Constantly checking my mirrors, I appreciate and notice the thumbs up given when I yield proper lane space to your fast-moving machinery. But there are times when your motorcycle, dirt bike, moped, etc needs a tow. What’s the greatest tow rig for a motorcycle?

One of my personal favorites is a BMW 328ix Touring that had been massively modified. The car, built for Stan Chen, is a 2014 BMW wagon nicknamed Von Doom. This rig wears a ton of M Sport parts, an AccuAir suspension, and some minor performance upgrades. A matching trailer complete with an AccuAir setup of its own was also commissioned and used to tow a 1973 BMW R75.

The car is called Von Doom. The Raft is the trailer, and the bike is called Lil Doom. It’s one hell of a package when all put together, and I’ve actually seen it in person. It’s just a fantastic build done with in a crisp, clean manner that’s both head turning and wild, yet still completely usable on a daily basis. In fact, with its Thule box and matched trailer, this show wagon is one of the most usable builds out there.

What would be your ideal motorcycle tow setup? What’s a crazy cool tow rig you’ve seen? Let us know, in the comments below.

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