I’ve moved. My new place is larger on the inside. Most importantly though is the fact that my car hole is larger. I now have a real-deal two-car garage and I’m straight-up overwhelmed by the possibilities. At this exact moment, it’s currently filled with boxes that need unpacking. But that will happen and I’ll be left with a nearly blank canvas.

So what should I do first?

My immediate thoughts turn to organization and storage. I’d like a peg or slat wall on one part. I need a workbench and I’ll also set up my computer in there as well. Another spot will be home to a more realize sim racing setup (goodbye computer chair, hello actual racing seat). And, oh right, I need to leave some space for the actual automobiles.

Some bright spots in this space include it being already set up with a 240v plug (with solar on the roof). Negative spots are an old, loud garage door opener and a low entry opening. My Montero makes it… just. (Click the arrow to see the second picture below)

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#TonyMontero fits in the new home… barely.

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So if this were your space, what would be on your to-do list?