Hooniverse Asks: What's the craziest vehicle you've seen on the road?

Because we love cars, we are always on the lookout for something interesting. Sometimes we find it. Sure, there are way crazier cars than the Lambo I wrote about yesterday, but to me that Lambo was special. It wasn’t special because it was a Lambo, it was special because it was 30-something year old that was still running well enough to be driven frequently. It wasn’t a garage queen or a half-assed project. It was original and it looked great. 
What we’re asking today is what is the one vehicle that you have seen on the road that really surprised you? Not because of it’s price, it’s design, or build, but by the fact that it was so out of its element? 

V.I.S.I.T. – Lamborghini Countach LP500 S


    1. I’ve seen the wiener-mobile a couple of times. Doing promotion work in a parking lot is one thing, but seeing it cruise down the highway is pretty weird.

    2. I’ve ridden in it, and of course chatted with the owner. He does drive it (no trailer queen here) everywhere on its tours, and there’s a set of rain gear he travels with, so he can wear it in inclement weather.

      1. And it gets driven a lot, based on the number of times I see sightings posted online, and where in the country those sightings are.

  1. One Sunday morning, on the way to church, spotted a Lancia Aurelia. After church, went to some friend’s house for lunch, they lived on Aurelia Drive.

  2. When Cars and Coffee first started (the newport coast show, not the Irvine show), I’d occasionally see a Cizetta Moroder driven to and from the parking lot.

    1. I first read about the Cizetta in an April issue of Road & Track. They tested it before the V-16 engine was working by coasting it down a hill. I was convinced the Cizetta Moroder was a made up car for a R&T April Fool’s joke.

  3. Earlier this year, cycling to work, a faded yellow truck with yellow light bar, a fantasy sign on the door, and two red flotation devices mounted in a very handy way in the bed passed me. The faded yellow is telling me that it’s a Baywatch tribute from the 90ies.

  4. I saw a daily driver-quality Cord 810 (original 1930’s vintage, not one of the continuation run). It happened to be at a car event, but according to the sign in the window, it is indeed a daily driver.

  5. The craziest vehicle of any type? A BMW motorcycle with a flatbed sidecar with a dirtbike standing on it, driven by a man with a beard and the biggest grin you ever saw. That was coming at me on California’s Pacific Coast Highway around Big Sur back in the ’90s. (Okay, there’s a slim chance it was a Ural.)
    For four-wheelers, I saw a Plymouth Superbird toodling around Acton, Massachusetts back in the ’80s.

    1. The craziest I saw was definitely the “CAFLY”. Having seen it at a car show, I was amazed to see it entering the freeway a few months later. Yes, that big “parasol” on top is meant to stabilize the vehicle AND act as an air brake… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5773da5f601e0b5f261360c759665d754c168720cd954497ec1b2a0d5340aa0a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/663d3f5564b72f0f19c4ae59dabbfd673c5ee6ac2fea7005953edf4a80eb3070.jpg

  6. 10 years ago I often used to walk past one of the swanky London hotels on Park Lane. There were often Ferraris or Rolls parked outside (often with Dubai license plates) — nothing much newsworthy.
    But I was literally stopped in my tracks when I walked around the corner and saw parked in front of the hotel: The Range Rover ‘Range Stormer’…
    This was a concept car/show car built to tease the idea of a ‘Range Rover sports coupe’; an exciting concept that a couple of years later produced the very disappointing Range Rover Sport. The Range Stormer wasn’t a driveable prototype — just motor show eye candy. So how was it now parked in front of me in Mayfair, orange metallic paint, scissor doors and all?
    Later internet research told the story: A wealthy Dubai royal had tried to buy the Range Stormer off the car show display stand — disappointed to hear it was only a styling exercise, not a runner and definitely not for sale. So they went to a company that customised Land Rover products and commissioned a small handful of Range Rovers to be converted as running replicas of the concept.

  7. Street parked Maserati Bora in Soho of London UK. WRC rally cars during slow transfer to next special stage. Bikes racing on forest road where Joey Dunlop died.

  8. Living in So Cali and Seattle, and being a lot boy for a collector auction, I saw a lot of cool stuff. The most striking, though, came after moving to KC. In was passed on the interstate by a heavily modified 1932 Studebaker racer. About 45 minutes of Goodling I found it. Old Indy racer.

  9. They hadn’t hit megabuck values yet, but I saw an F40 hauling ass on IL-83 in the western suburbs of Chicago in the super early 2000s.

    1. I saw what must have been the same one in the same place a year or two ago. probably second place on mine, after the F50 I saw cruising Central London at night with my cousins as a kid.

        1. Was that close to Hinsdale? There’s an official Ferrari dealer on Ogden, so it’s got to be related to them.

    1. As much as I can appreciate the tech and engineering behind these, seeing them in traffic always comes with a bad taste. Sometimes, the bad taste found its way onto the order sheet, too.

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