Hooniverse Asks- What's the Coolest Motorcycle IP?

2011-Suzuki-M109R-dash My first motorcycle had no instrumentation other than a speedo with a slow-moving pointer. In lieu of a fuel gauge, it had a reserve tank, accessed by shifting the petcock from full forward, to full back. In the middle and the two stoke mix was cut off from tank to mill. Since then I’ve ridden bikes with both bigger motors and more gauges, but I’ve never ridden anything that didn’t have its instruments housed atop the yoke of the front forks. I’ve always wanted to have one of those bikes that are big enough to carry their speedo in a binnacle atop the tank. In fact, I’d like, just once in my life, to ride one of those massive cruisers that has a full on gauge cluster and, for all I know, air conditioning and a built-in masseuse. I appreciate the simple pleasures of a basic bike but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate something with a little ostentation as well. What about you, have you ever caught glimpse of a motorcycle interment cluster and uttered an under the breath oh momma upon the sight? What do you think is a bike IP worth such accolade? What is the coolest motorcycle instrument cluster? Image: about.com

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