Hooniverse Asks: What's The Coolest "Feature" Badge?

1969 Volkswagen VW Beetle Sedan 2 Door Automatic Stick Shift 2 Let’s face it, when you’ve got swag, you want everybody to know you’ve got swag. When it comes to our cars, features rule and you want that slob in the next parking stall over to know that his SOHC engine isn’t crap when compared to your DOHC machine. How do we know who’s bringing it and who isn’t? Why, by the badging of course. Whether it’s a turbo, AWD, or some sort of magnetic levitation cup holder there’s probably a badge for it. Car makers like making them, and we love showing them off. Sometimes we don’t even know what the badges mean and still we love slathering our cars full of them. Of course, not all badges are created equal and so what we want to know today is what are, in your opinion, the coolest feature badges there have ever been? Image: OldParkedCars

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