Hooniverse Asks: What's the Cheesiest Aftermarket Interior Accessory You Swear by?

Steering Wheel Cover 11 Look, I will admit, I have a steering wheel cover on my daily driver. It’s not as fetching as the colorful example above, but it does its job. That job is to stand between my hands and the simply awful texture that the 11-year old factory leather on the wheel beneath has taken on. The accessories aisle at your local Pep Boys or Walmarts is plumb full of such odes to the odious, and while many of us may not like to admit it, we’re happy adherents to their use. It might be a sheepskin seatbelt snood or that evergreen accessory, the evergreen air freshener, but for some reason we abide their siren’s call. Whatever is your secret shame of an interior accessory, now’s the time to unburden yourself of that ignominy and let everyone else know how your roll. What is the cheesiest interior accessory that you wouldn’t go without? Image: CornerWindowCrafts

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