Hooniverse Asks- What's the Biggest Corvette Missed Opportunity?

73Corvette_4-Rotor Chevy’s Corvette has been around for more than 60 years. That means it’s eligible for the AARP discount, and has the right to shoo kids off its lawn with the garden hose. Seeing as the model is of an age when most people reflect on their lives, it wouldn’t be that odd for the sports car to perhaps lament certain opportunities that have passed it by over the course of its many birthdays. Of course, as it’s a model of car, and hence a non-sentient inanimate object, I guess we’ll have to take on the task. The Corvette has probably had more show cars and one-offs that never made the showroom than perhaps any other model out there. And, while some of those have strongly influenced the ones you could drive out of a dealership, far more never left the realm of fantasy. Many of those dream machines have been mid-engine cars, and while the production ‘Vette moved its transmission to the  middle, the engine has never followed. There have also been 4-rotor Wankel Corvettes, and those with articulating gull-wing doors, decades before Tesla’s Model X attempted to make them seem all that and a bag of lithium ion batteries. Considering all the Corvette show cars that have come and gone, from the jaw-droppingly cool Nomad shooting brake, to the Indy Corvette that seemed to define ’80s swoop, there have been so many missed opportunities to perhaps redefine the marque. I’m sure that you’re cool with the direction with which Chevy has guided the marque, but when you think back on all the could have beens, which one do you think is the biggest should have been? Image: MyAutoWorld

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