Hooniverse Asks- What's the Best Kind of Motorcycle Racing to Watch?


I like racing. In fact, when it come to watching the sport, I think I like motorcycle racing over auto. Blasphemy, I know! There’s just something about motorcycle racing that gets my lemons squeezing. Maybe it’s the air that motocrossers can achieve, or perhaps it’s the sinuous snake that a line of supersport bikes makes when pressing through a chicane? Whatever the attribute, I think it’s just plain exciting racing.

But when it comes to watching bikes compete, which type of two-wheel tussle do you think is the best? There’s certainly a lot of types from which to choose. There’s MotoX, Supersport, circle track, and of course the tandem terrors that make up side car racing. Out of all those, and perhaps some that I am missing, which one is your preference for armchair quarterbacking, er… knee-dragging?

Image source: usaautoparts

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