Hooniverse Asks: What's the best interior/exterior color combo ever offered?

A few year back, Audi showed off its R8 at the New York Auto Show. The color chosen for the display car was a gorgeous hue called Goodwood Green Pearl Effect. Inside, the cabin was delivered in a dark brown scheme. Combined, the two colors created an epic style statement. It wasn’t in your face, nor did it shout its brilliance at you. Instead, the green and brown pairing served as a notice that you can be bold without being brash.
What are some of your favorite color combinations? It doesn’t need to be on something modern, and I fully suspect that the best answers will arise from older machines. Shout it out loud in the comments below.
[Image plucked courtesy of Fourtitude.com]


      1. I have a ’67 Mercury that’s red with a white top and interior. I quickly changed those to black. The only white I like on a car is the paint.

          1. I just realized that there are red squirrels in Europe and grey squirrels in North America. I was thinking European squirrel for the interior.

          2. Good thing you meant color and not fur – otherwise, you’d have to do in a *lot* of squirrels to do the interior and PETA would be all over you.

          3. Ha, that reminds of a friend saying “what do you mean Big Bird isn’t blue?”
            Apparently in the Netherlands he is!

          4. That must be a PAL/SECAM issue, I had a similar exchange about the fur of the aliens in Sesame Street (which are dubbed btw, yip yip obviously translates into nork nork…)

          5. That is possible, and even better as a business: instead of selling just footage for dubbing to a foreign network you sell them puppets, puppeteer training, stories too – and still own the brand.

        1. You got me sold. When a car dealer can ask the same question as a soft ice salesperson: “What kind of topping do you want?”.

  1. I’d go for either Green and Tan, as presented above. Or my other favorite is Dark Blue with Tan/Creme interior.

  2. I am one for earthy tones, deep greens, browns and such. But there’s one Aston Martin featured on BaT a couple of months ago that I just can’t get out of my head. Painted in a bottomless, satisfying purple, with leather and wood in such a delicious colour, I want to just grab and hold on to that interior:

    1. I found a late model Challenger Fuchsia with the limited white interior in Austin. Very tempting.

  3. The Aston Martin green & oxblood red interior on the Aston DBS restored by the For the Love of Cars tv show worked well.

    1. Ford never offered the red leather interior in the Legend Lime S197.
      It’d be a little over the top, more like a frog than a pony.

    1. I’d call that cream rather than white, and it is much better for it. Works with a lot of colours.

    1. Nimbus Grey with Baseball Stitching is iconic. That really set the tone for the Mk1 TT.

      1. I just wish I could link visible pictures without them showing up as hypertext. And when I try to upload images, it says I need to be logged in, even if I am already. Incompetence with computers is a definite sign of aging…

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