Hooniverse Asks- What’s More Rewarding At The Limit – Bikes or Cars?


In the battle of cars vs. bikes, each side has its adherents, and they rabidly defend their preferred mounts. The battle of two verses four wheels is as old as mechanized transportation itself, and in fact Nicolas Cugnot feared vexations by two-wheeled hooligans whilst out and about in his 1769 steam wagon. Fortunately, the first motorcycle – a coal-fired contraption invented by Sylvester Howard Roper – wouldn’t appear for almost one hundred years, and safely an ocean away in America. 

Both cars and bikes have come a long way from those humble and formally attired beginnings, and today each offers representatives that are sporting in nature. Sure, they go about their business in a different manner – bikes leaning through corners while cars at the same limits may throw their back ends out like a cat in heat, their front tires pointing in a completely different direction from where the driver fully intends to go. And while popping a wheelie in a car is something almost exclusively constrained to a quarter mile strip, almost any bike over 400-ccs can accomplish the same feat with a judicious roll of the throttle.

The thing of it is, bikes can do that so readily that it takes a certain skill to ensure you don’t end up on your ass. Cars too demand a level of skill to drive at that 10/10s level to which we all aspire, and brag about in the bars after the opportunity to prove our valor has passed with the setting sun. The question is, which of these skills is the most rewarding to wield, and which platform – bike or car – will give you the most personal satisfaction for mastering its limits? 

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