Hooniverse Asks: What’s a vehicle from your past that you would buy again?

When we sell a car (or truck, or motorbike), there’s always a reason. Sometimes, that ends a chapter of our lives that we don’t really need to revisit. Whether the ownership period was good or bad, some vehicles fall squarely in the “been there, done that” category; we have no desire to repeat the experience. Other times, the validity of why we sold that particular machine were temporal. Perhaps we were just strapped for cash. Perhaps the one we owned was wrecked, or succumbed to the tin worm. It could be that life has presented you with a higher income, more wrenching skill, and more garage space, and what was too impractical then would be delightful now.

For me, I’d love to have another early ’60s Chevy C-10 panel truck. The ones in good enough condition to enjoy owning now go for prices I can’t stomach, and I’d have to upgrade the brakes, but I’d get another one in a heartbeat if I could afford it. At the other end of the spectrum, I’d also do another Ford Festiva. Mine was a daily driver back in the day, but I’d like to get another one purely as a project car; they’re simple, cheap, tolerant of abuse, and really fun to drive aggressively without attaining ride-in-a-cop-car speeds. I often troll Craigslist looking for salvageable projects. But there are other vehicles in my past I am not interested in repeating. I’m glad I owned my BSA B50SS 500cc single, but it was the most troublesome, crude, and unreliable vehicle I’ve ever had. I often tell people I like the concept of owning one much more than the reality.

So, we want to know: what past car are you itching to get your hands on again? Mind you, we’re not talking about getting back the exact same vehicle, but simply another of the same make and model: perhaps identical, or maybe differently equipped, or just in better condition. What old friend would you acquaint yourself with again?


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61 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: What’s a vehicle from your past that you would buy again?”

  1. E34less Avatar

    I’d love another 89-95 5-series, preferably an M5. I had two in high school and college and they were great. Honorable mention to the Volvo XC70 because of the seats and because I drove it through a level-3 snow emergency and didn’t even notice.

  2. Victor Avatar

    My old Volvo 244 , never thought I would miss it until it was sold. Like the one pictured with cloth interior. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ef488c0d898e9e9d8fc48b88b2f08a6c57378f1c44ad73c16dcf5cf71018b7a7.jpg

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.

      What year was it? Also, I’ll be parting with my ’87 244 in the near future, if you’re interested. (How far are you from Seattle?)

      1. Victor Avatar

        30 light years.

        1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
          dead_elvis, inc.

          That’s pretty far! Can’t get there from here in a redblock in my lifetime, wherever that it.

  3. alex Avatar

    There’s only one. In late 2000, I was about to turn in a Passat v6 that I had on lease. Abominable car. I wanted to go back to a GTI VR6 and tried to order one. It seems that VW was moving production from Germany to Brazil. My dealer couldn’t find one. So I waited for over 2 months and still no GTI.

    Then I read a preview of the Subaru WRX that was to be introduced to the US in Spring 2001. I had driven an older 2.5RS and had not been impressed, but the previews and early reviews on the WRX were spectacular. So I canceled my GTI order and got in line for a WRX.

    Holy crap. What a wonderful car that was. Fast, reliable, handled great, carried a lot. I drove it in anger a couple of times and it was exhilarating. Best time was on the Tail of the Dragon in NC/TN. A friend and I each made two passes. More fun than a man should be allowed to have.

    After owning it for 8 years, I got rear-ended by a moron going about 60mph and literally running from the police. Spun me, I went airborne over a small retaining wall and into someone’s yard. Car proved to be very sturdy. I was uninjured. And impressed .

    I would buy it again. And again. And again.

  4. 0A5599 Avatar

    “…or maybe differently equipped, or just in better condition. ”

    In better condition? All of them. And if I get a say in the matter, then matching numbers, too.

  5. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
    dead_elvis, inc.

    My ’98 Tacoma (base model, I think – 4 cyl/5MT, short bed, standard cab, AC with Armstrong windows & locks) would still be all the truck I need 99% of the time.

    For sentimental purposes, the ’83 Jeep Cherokee that was one of my first cars. Final year of the full-size Jeeps. I don’t know if there are any like it left – it was a pretty low-spec model as well, with the anemic straight 6 (3 pedals, 4 speeds, manual hubs, power steering/brakes/tailgate window). The Grand Wagoneers all seem to be headed towards restoration & garage queen duties, and even if not, the asking prices are crazy. Other FSJs all seem to be crashed, rusted to hell, or seriously hacked up for muddin’ or crawlin’. I really don’t have a need for 4WD, so like I said, this one would strictly be a nostalgia trip.

  6. George Goshgarian Avatar
    George Goshgarian

    My 2003 SVT Focus 3 door. I loved that car. I didn’t need the money, and I kind of had the space. I just thought I had to sell it. I regret selling it to this day. If I could get another one spec’ed like it, only in yellow (mine was silver), I’d do it.

    1. JayP Avatar

      I had the 5 door in silver, got a set of Euro wheel off ebay.
      Such a fun car to drive but wasn’t the best commuter car. And I found that A4 CPO… another reason to hate that Audi.

      1. George Goshgarian Avatar
        George Goshgarian

        I loved the Euro wheels. Always wanted a set on my ’03.

    2. Zentropy Avatar

      I had a 2000 Contour SVT, but never tried the Focus. The Contour was the first and last FWD vehicle that I bought for myself (though I drive our family minivan these days for vacations and soccer carpool duty). It was fun initially, but ultimately disappointing. The engine, admittedly, was a gem, and the handling was decent. But I soon got tired of replacing the 12000-mile Z-rated tires, wrestling the torque steer, the lack of wet traction, and the boy-racerness of the styling. (I eventually went back to RWD with an E30 BMW.)
      The Focus SVT was at least more restrained in its styling, and I heard it was fun to toss around, though it’s doubtful I’ll ever return to FWD once my kids are out of the house and we can get rid of the van.

  7. Zentropy Avatar

    1997 Ford Ranger XLT, regular cab shortbed with 2.3L 4-cylinder and 5-speed manual. It was the first “new” vehicle I ever bought, and one I should have kept. I decided I needed more power and traded it for a new Ranger specced almost exactly the same except with a 4.0L V6. Ultimately, the four-cylinder was more fun to drive.

  8. JayP Avatar

    Both 5000’s. The ’83 was a sharp looking car. Drove great. Just fell apart and back then we didn’t know what to do to maintain. The ’88 was the manual Quattro. Brought it with me to Dallas and the heat make it fall apart.
    I still cry that I lost my 2005 GT. The 4.6 had plenty of grunt, the 5 speed Tremec worked flawlessly. Looked sharp. When looking to replace it, the natural progression was the Coyote. Works good, the MT82 trans makes life crap.

  9. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    I’d like another Ford Ranger pickup, although with hindsight I’d get the extended cab instead of the long bed but keep the 3.0 V6 4×2 drivetrain. That was a very good and economical daily driver and light hauler. I would also like another VW Scirocco since they were attractive and fun, not to mention featherweight with a curbweight of barely 2000 lbs. on skinny 175/70SR13 rubber.

  10. neight428 Avatar

    I had a third-gen (1991 in my case) Z28 Camaro with a L98 350 TPI that was a good mix of the modern (port fuel injection/overdrive transmission) and old school. I’d take one again, though with a slight twist. If I could find one with the 305 TPI and a 5 speed manual, I’d give up the torque (which seems pretty unappreciated in the L98’s, it was substantial) and build the 305 with great flowing heads, and and intake and cam more suited for higher rpm work. I would then pretend to be a Trans Am racer with air conditioning. Of course, a car like Detroit Speed’s IROC project would be ideal, but I’m imagining a me that forgets the ideal and compromises for fun and attainable.


  11. Don Karnage Avatar
    Don Karnage

    Believe it or not, I had a 1995 Ford Escort GT that I really enjoyed. Great fun and no trouble. I think it was 11k brand new. Bought a refrigerator and got it home in the rear hatch…

  12. neight428 Avatar

    Don Karnage’s post reminded me of the ’95 Ford Probe GT that I borrowed from my mom for a semester in college. They are unloved by the enthusiast community, and must have suffered some typical catastrophic failure at some mileage point because you never see them any more (at least around here), but it handled well, had what felt like plenty of power and was fun to run up through the gears with a reasonably high redline, at least to my perceptions at the time.

    $2k – low miles…https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/houston-1996-ford-probe-gt/6792156638.html

    $600 – all it needs is a battery, and I can probably get it in a package deal with the Grand Canyon…https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/d/denton-1994-ford-probe-gt/6779233973.html

    1. Maymar Avatar

      I don’t think the Probe was prone to any significant failures, it just fell into the domestic car trap of “any repair over $1k is a death sentence.” Plus, without the super dorifto RWD appeal of the 240SX or the general tuner mystique of the Integra that might push someone to put time and money into saving a jankier example.

  13. P161911 Avatar

    I’ll just go down the list:
    1. 1981 Buick Regal Turbo Coupe Limited. YES
    2. 1979 K-5 Blazer 4X4. YES
    3. 1992 Ford Thunderbird S/C 5-speed. YES
    4. 1994 Corvette 6-speed. YES
    5. Fiat 850 Spider (never ran when I had it.) YES.
    6. 1967 Imperial Crown Convertible (mine was a rust bucket, I would want a rust free one.) YES.
    7. 1987 Ford Bronco. No, liked the Chevy K-5 much better.
    8. 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LT. Yes, but I would want one with a V-8, preferably a Saab 9-7X Aero, but a Rainer or regular Saab 9-7X 5.3 would be OK.
    9. 1996 Chevy Camaro Z-28 automatic convertible. HELL NO!
    10. 1988 BMW 750iL. No.
    11. 1987 BMW 325 4-door 5-speed. YES
    12. 1984 Chevy K-10 long bed. No, not really.
    13. 1989 Ford F-150 2WD extended cab long bed 4.9L I-6 5-speed. YES, I’ve looked and not been able to find this combination for sale at all. EDIT, just found one on Autotrader, but it is nearly $5k.
    14. 1996 BMW Z3 M Roadster clone. A modded BMW or any BMW with a S52, HELL NO!. A nice plain Z3, maybe.
    15. 2015 Nissan Leaf. Yes, if I could find one cheap enough.

    1. roguetoaster Avatar

      List style, sure!

      1986 VW GTI – No way, but it was a fun first car.
      1991 BMW 318i – Still have it, still love it, so I’ll include it!
      1991 BMW 318i – No, just a quick flip instead of parting it out.
      1991 BMW 318i – Nah, already have my ideal sedan.
      1991 BMW 318i – No, too rusty.
      1986 BMW 325es – Heck no, what a problem child.
      1989 BMW 325i – Yeah, this would have made a better rallycross car.
      1984 Hartge H5S – Instantly, and it’s the only car I regret having sold as I’ll likely never find another in my price range.
      1991 BMW 318is – Nope, had my fun and don’t need a caged car any more.
      1976 BMW 2002 – No, after it was involved in a hit and run it really soured the experience.
      1989 BMW 318i Touring – Yes, M40 power, understated looks, perfect DD.
      1989 BMW 320i Touring – Nah, 2 liter 6 cylinder, boring.
      1988 BMW 324td Touring – Sure, if it weren’t red.
      1995 BMW 540i M-Sport – No, I did bad things when driving this car.
      1987 325i Convertible – Nah, but it was a nice cruiser.
      2000 Ford SVT Contour – No, too much rust, but I’d like another SVT.
      1989 VW GTI 16v – I didn’t buy it for me in the first place, so no.
      1990 BMW 318i Touring – Nah, I only have eyes for that first lachsilber touring.
      1995 BMW 318ti – Actually got this one back a week ago!
      1999 BMW 318ti – S52 swapped – No, it was fun, but I don’t know why I bought it.
      1996 BMW 318ti – Hard to buy it back from the crusher, maybe next time I get a washer I’ll get a piece.
      2002 530i M-Sport – Certainly, it was an optimal DD.

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

        Good heavens. BMW much?

        1. roguetoaster Avatar

          Yes! It might be an addiction at this point.

          1. Rover 1 Avatar
            Rover 1

            All those 318s?

          2. roguetoaster Avatar

            I’m a big fan of the little twin cam M42, not so much it’s M44 cousin. The wagons have been M40s, so the single cam iteration of the BMW 1.8 from the era.

          3. Rover 1 Avatar
            Rover 1

            I come from the response that a six was available, with more, smoother power. I also much prefer E36s to E30s. I was just at a 3 ser meet here in NZ and there was a nice collection including a very rare South African made Alpina 333i with the big BMW six stuffed into an E30 two door shell. To homologate for racing, surely the rarest 3.

          4. roguetoaster Avatar

            While I have had, and do have a little 6 powered car I just don’t especially care for them, mostly when it comes to maintenance. Additionally, the 4s do provide a genuine mileage improvement. These days I daily an E36, but it still has a 4 banger.

            An M30 in an E30 is not something I have had or have driven, but I suspect it would be exciting, as it both goes and sounds the business. I especially enjoyed the big six in the E28 as it suited that chassis quite well.

  14. crank_case Avatar

    Right now – weirdly nothing. It’s not that I don’t look back on those cars with fondness, but they were bought at a different time in my life and were mostly sports cars/hot hatchbacks and fulfill a “fun twisty road car” role that already overlaps with my Suzuki Cappuccino. I’m more interested in adding something entirely different to the fleet at some point in the future, when funds allow.

  15. Alff Avatar

    Mk1 VW, any square bodied pickup from the big 3, Cherokee.

  16. Batshitbox Avatar

    This lady really did buy back her CJ7, and even won an award from AAA for that story, but due to the government shutdown she now has to sell it again and may never get it back.
    2/3 down the page


    I’m not on Farcebook, and the WaPo article doesn’t link to it anyway, so I can’t read her own story. I did send it into tips@hooniverse.com in the hopes of more coverage.

  17. GTXcellent Avatar

    I’ve said it many times, but I really regret selling my ’65 C10, 283, 4 speed, long box. I’d get another ’64-’66 in a heartbeat if I had money to burn.

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

      You don’t want the wraparound windshield?

      1. GTXcellent Avatar

        It’s more a matter of the grille. I’m not a big fan of the super eye brows of the ’60-’61 and I really don’t care for the grilles on the ’62-’63s (the headlights look like their bulging out of their sockets).

        I suppose I could always swap the later grille in as they’re all basically the same truck.

        1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

          I think I’m partial to the wraparound screen only because that’s what I owned. If I’d had a ’64, I would probably think that was better.

  18. Dabidoh_Sambone Avatar

    My 240z was destroyed by a drunk uninsured redneck while parked on a quiet Winter Haven suburban 25mph street. Fun fact: he’d owned his Monte Carlo-of-death less than 24 hours when he did it. This wasn’t a recent event (happened 1989 or so) but I still feel a visceral emotion of anger and pain when I see what he did to the best car I’ve ever owned. Unhappily, prices on these cars are headed towards the stratosphere. If any fellow hoons know of one that’s reasonably priced they’d like to share with me, feel free to drop me a line at dsanborn at gmail yada yada!

    1. Victor Avatar

      Damn shame to lose a nice car like that.

    2. Victor Avatar

      We lived in Winter Haven from 1973 until 1980.

      1. Dabidoh_Sambone Avatar

        Growing up there sucked. I was home visiting from Louisiana Tech when my car got smooshed, as if my ‘home’ town had an axe to grind with me. I’d post the drunk driver’s name if I just remembered it: I took him to small claims court & then he skipped town, moving to Hawaii. I found his dad, pretended to be an old friend and got his address which I sent to the Hawaiian DMV along with the court settlement he’d skipped out on. The DMV there cancelled his license! He called me stat and was shocked – SHOCKED to discover the original $2500 settlement had ballooned to $3300 thanks to interest. I got my money but it took years …

        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          Honestly, it’s a good thing you pursued this. There’s the justice aspect, but I’d also believe that someone who is running from their responsibility like that is not legitimately asking for a 2nd chance. Hope it also helped to heal your wounds a little!

    3. P161911 Avatar

      Ouch. My K-5 Blazer was totaled by a kid driving a 1980s 280ZX. The kid had just gotten the 280 back on the road that day. He decided to take the car for a test drive that included driving in the left lane of a two lane road on a uphill curve. He ran me off the road into a brick mailbox, side swiped my truck, totaled the rental trailer I was towing, hit the car behind my, went up an embankment, and stopped inched from a power pole. He had insurance, eventually. Had to go round and round with Progressive, he paid after the due date, before the accident, but they accepted his payment. This was in 2003, after getting my insurance company involved, I got what I paid for the Blazer in 1993 out of his insurance.

      1. Dabidoh_Sambone Avatar

        Insurance companies will split any hair looking for a reason to deny coverage. My 240z was wiped out at around 11pm. The redneck had bought his car that day but his insurance didn’t take effect until midnight …

  19. tonyola Avatar

    I’d like another blue 1984 Honda CRX 1.5 with a 5-speed. It’s a shame that the Si wasn’t available until 1985.5.

  20. Shotz Avatar

    1985 Pontiac 6000LE with the 2.5 – NO unless I found an STE AWD V6
    1984 Buick Regal T-Type – YES. All day.

    1988 Buick LeSabre Limited – YES. Amazing car. Owned it longer than any other car ever.
    1991 Buick Century w/3300 V6 – YES as long as its taken care of, unlike the one I had…
    1992 Dodge Shadow America – NO. Maybe a Shelby CSX but I wouldn’t go looking for a Shadow
    1985 Toyota Hilux – YES if I find a manual 4×4!
    1988 Dodge Daytona Pacifica – Maybe, but I’d prefer a Shelby Z or maybe a later IROC V6
    1995 Volvo 850 T-5R – YES x 1000
    2000 Chevy Blazer – Yes if everything wrong with mine was right.

    1990 Honda Accord LX manual – YES again if I could find one in better shape than mine.
    2006 Pontiac GTO 6MT- YES. Repairs are sometimes pricier than I like, but it’ll still run toe to toe with most modern (reasonably priced) muscle today.

    2004 Chevy Impala LS – YES. That 3800 is unkillable, but I’d like an SS next time
    2014 Chevy Equinox AWD V6 – Probably. Its a decent car, and 300hp gets it going quicker than you’d assume.

    I really take way too much time thinking about a car before I buy, so most cars I end up getting I enjoy. Even if some of the cars on this list were $100 turds, I can appreciate what they could be/were once.

  21. mdharrell Avatar

    Motor vehicles I’ve formerly owned:

    1937 Plymouth P4
    1959 Ford Country Sedan
    1959 Ford Custom 300
    1959 Ford Galaxie
    1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza
    1965 Ford Galaxie 500
    1965 Ford Galaxie 500 (yes, a second one)
    1965 Ford Thunderbird
    1965 Ford Thunderbird (yes, a second one)
    1967 SAAB 96
    1968 SAAB 96
    1969 SAAB Sonett V4
    1969 Volvo 144
    1970 SAAB 95
    1974 Volkswagen Beetle
    1974.5 MGB
    1977 Volkswagen Beetle
    1980 Honda Civic Wagon
    1982 MG Metro 1300

    Seems like I’m forgetting something. Anyway, I can’t say that I’m itching to own any of these again but I’d probably be tempted by the right combination of condition, price, and proximity. Mostly, though, I just don’t plan that far ahead.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      …right combination of condition, price, and proximity…

      I wonder where the threshhold is?

      “Mr. Harrell, we found this in a nearby lake, can we dump it in your driveway?”

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Just give me a minute to move my wife’s car. I’m sure she won’t mind.

  22. Manxman Avatar

    I was t-boned in my 1972 Capri 2600 that I had bought new. That was in 1975 and I have looked for a replacement ever since. Dark green, tan interior, 4-speed. My BMW E30 318i 2-door was also a very nicely balanced car that I would buy again if one in good condition came along. I had a 62 Ford Galaxie in college that was a real workhorse and would cruise all day at 75 with one finger on the steering wheel. That would be cool.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      I didn’t buy my E30 sedan new, but I would have it back in a heartbeat if I could. Fortunately I still have my ’66 Mercury Caliente, though it needs some refreshing from storage before I could feasibly drive it again.

      1. Manxman Avatar

        My E30 I bought used with about 80K miles but it was the best used car I ever had. Replaced the clutch and the motor mounts myself…very easy job on the mounts. I should have kept the old ones – they looked like little bridge trusses. Sold it with about 120K to a guy who gave it to his teenage son. About a week later I got a call at 2am from the Austin PD asking why my BMW was wrapped around a light pole. Apparently the kid wrecked i and left the scene. One less E30 on the road…sigh.

        1. Zentropy Avatar

          Mine had about 110K on it when I bought it, and I agree with you completely, it was the best used car I ever had, too. It was the less-lively 325(e), but the handling and feedback was what I loved about it. I literally traded mine for new carpet. We’d just had our second child and were moving two states away, and the carpet guy asked me if I wanted to sell it. At 225k miles, it was starting to have issues, and my wife had been urging me to find it a new home, so I caved. I still regret parting with it.

  23. outback_ute Avatar

    Only ever sold 1 car and probably don’t need to go back. Ironically I wouldn’t mind having a couple of the parts donors back that I had to get rid of, to harvest a bit of sheet metal.

  24. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    Firstly, it would have to be my ’92 Saab 900S. This was a car that I did actually buy twice. It was a a secondary car that I let go due to financial issues, only to buy it back from the guy I sold it to (who was bailing for the west coast and couldn’t take it with him) after I wrecked my primary car. I loved everything about that car. It was small yet incredibly roomy, comfortable, handled well, had decent power, and driving it always made you feel special. Would love to get another, but they seem to be a little scarce. Most of the ones still around are turbos, convertibles, and/or automatics.
    Secondly would be my ’76 Dodge B100. It really wasn’t all that great of a truck, but I had nothing but fond memories of it (apart from it’s eventual demise of course). That is probably the one car I still most search for. Of course, they seem to actually getting sort of collectible and finding drivers for under 3 grand is getting tough.
    Lastly, I’d say my ’77 MGB. Again, not the greatest car ever, but the things it did do well are what I loved most about it. After all, how can a small convertible not worm it’s way into your heart? Unfortunately, it needing work that wound up being a little out of what I was comfortable and capable of at the time. Add to the fact I just had too much other stuff going on in my life at the time, it sat half torn apart in my garage for years before going away. And like the Dodge, finding one in decent shape for cheap is getting harder.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      It’s surprising how a modest or flawed car can be an enthusiast’s favorite. Goes to show that a car is much more than its spec sheet and Consumer Reports rating. I have great memories of cars that some people wouldn’t bat an eye at.

    2. Zentropy Avatar

      It’s surprising how a modest or flawed car can be an enthusiast’s favorite. Goes to show that a car is much more than its spec sheet and Consumer Reports rating. I have great memories of cars that some people wouldn’t bat an eye at.

  25. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    my first car was a Maxima with no rust, rare for the Midwest at the time (a 97 that I bought in 09). it was strangely cheap – even now, I can’t find a five speed Maxima in that shape for that price.

    it was easy to get parts for, easy to work on, comfortable, quick, and it never broke. I’m a dumbass for having sold it. imagine still having it ten years on.

    the other three are a Miata – which I have bought another of – and my two Benzes, an 83 240D and a 95 E320 coupe. I can’t decide which Mercedes I’d rather still have. from a reliability and smog exemption standpoint, the 240D would fit in my life better right now. but from a “makes me feel like a movie star” standpoint, man. nothing else I’ve owned has had the curb appeal of that big black coupe, and nothing made me feel like I was so much better than all the slobs around me. what an amazing car that was.

  26. Maymar Avatar

    Nothing I’ve owned has been all that special – like Don Karnage, I like my old Escort (although mine was a basic LX with auto), but I currently own a 2300lbs Mazda, so I’m not missing out on a ton (except maybe a little low-end torque). That said, I had picked up a project CB750, and then got rid of it to go back to school, and wouldn’t mind having it back.

  27. Wayward David Avatar
    Wayward David

    I’ll do the list style:

    1959 Nash Metropolitan- No
    1960 Bugeye Sprite – Yes
    1961 Rambler Classic – Nope
    1961 Buick Special Wagon (with the aluminum V8 and a 4 speed manual) YES
    1972 Ford Torino coupe -Nope
    1979 Chevy Chevette – Please, NO
    1962 Corvair 4 door – No
    1972 Chrysler Town & Country – No
    1984 Honda CRX – YES, a thousand times YES
    1980 Toyota pickup – Nope
    1989 Dodge Caravan – only if I needed to drive cross country
    1977 Datsun 280Z – No
    1992 Thunderbird – Maybe a Super Coupe (mine was not)
    1991 Jeep Cherokee – Probably not, but maybe…
    1994 Ford Taurus Wagon – No
    2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser – No
    2006 MINI Cooper (base 2door) – Maybe
    2017 Chevy Bolt EV (my ‘current’ car [pun intended]) – YES. I’d buy that thing again in a heartbeat.

  28. theskitter Avatar

    Eggy: 1992 Honda Accord 5-speed
    – Still made a strong case for Greatest Car Of All Time with the unibody rusted through.
    Trogdor: 2000 Ford E350 12-passenger, 7.3 Powerstroke
    – If I had a use for a truck, picking anything too different would be hard to justify.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      Love your profile image of Hobbes. Damn, I miss that comic. I learned more about philosophy from it than any class I took in college.

  29. salguod Avatar

    In approximate order of acquisition. * for current cars

    1976 Camaro – yes, but with a V8 stick instead of the 6 cylinder auto, and a lot less rust
    1980 Monza – yes, but with a Buick Turbo V6 and a stick in place of the 4
    1988 Pulsar NX SE – terrible car, but still yes
    1993 Escort – great car, but not really
    1992 Saturn SL2 – yes, but with the 5 speed
    1988 Celebrity 2 door – nope
    1988 Grand Caravan – no
    1988 Subaru Wagon – yes, but with AWD
    *1960 Thunderbird Convertible – no. I enjoy it and appreciate it, but if I were looking for a new classic I’d want to experience something else.
    1999 Odyssey – tough call. I’d say yes to an Odyssey, if I needed a van, but something newer without the transmission time bomb
    *2005 Mazda3 – absolutely, but I’d take it to Ziebart when new
    2010 Saturn Outlook – Liked it, but don’t see myself needing anything like it. If I did, I’d probably get a Pilot instead
    1998 Escort – this contradicts what I said above, but I bought it for my daughter based on the reliability of the 1993. I have no desire for another
    *2007 Prius Touring – probably, but for my wife or daughter, not for me
    2003 Protege – no
    1996 BMW 318ti – yep
    *2003 Protege – same as the 1998 Escort, both Proteges were bought for my daughter. Two is enough
    2002 Acura RSX Type S – heck yes, I miss that thing
    *2015 Accord Hybrid – absolutely, fantastic car
    *2002 BMW 325Ci – I’ve only had it for a month, but yes. I’d get the 330 next time, though

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