Hooniverse Asks- What's a Really Slow Car That You Really Like?

velam045 The first time I drove an Isetta It was dark out. That probably wasn’t the best setting for sampling an unfamiliar car, but when someone hands you the keys to a unique and historic car and says let’s go, you don’t ask too many questions. I have to say that the quirky little two-cylinder was remarkable for the sensations it provided. Everything is close in an Isetta, and it seems as though the air-cooled engine is especially so, like right next to your ear. Of course the little post-war German isn’t going to win any stop light drag races, but it more than makes up for its lack of speed and alacrity with the smiles and thumbs-up thrown its way by drivers of more common fare. Exiting the car through its nose is also a great way to meet people at the gas station or 31 Flavors. Just plan on eating your ice-cream before you get home. The Isetta is one of my very favorite slow cars, the others on my list being the 2CV and Mercedes 240D, each for their own reasons. Far too often we praise cars and trucks that are perhaps too fast for everyday use, and ignore those with mrs modest capabilities, despite the fact that they too offer rewards unique to their purpose. Do you find value in simple slowness too? If so, what is a really slow car that you really like? Image source: WhirlingPool

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