Vintage Ford Broncos are pricey. I expect to see clean, perhaps lightly modified examples selling in the neighborhood of $50,000. That is a ton of cash for a metal box that’s uncomfortable to drive. But an old Bronco is also undeniably cool, especially when there’s a gurgling V8 mounted under the hood. Even then, a Bronco costing around $50k is pricey. So when I see one go for $120,000 on Bring A Trailer, my mind explodes.

This specific 1973 Ford Bronco is certainly well restored and modified. But it’s a sale price is, in a word, insane. It’s like the buyer is Jason Bateman’s character from Ozark and this vehicle is a vehicle for some money that needs a wash. I just cannot fathom the thinking that would see bidders ring the price up this high on an old Bronco. It’s not even an Icon-built truck, which would at least help me begin to wrap my head around the sales price.

Let’s forget about the Bronco for a second though… what are some other notable examples of “they paid how much for that?” that you’re aware of? Share them in the comments below.