Hooniverse Asks- What Would Have Been Robin Williams’ Car for Coffee?

Robin The news on Monday of Robin Williams’ death came as a total shock to me as I am sure it was for you. The beloved comedian obviously had many, many internal demons that vexed him and our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. As tragic as Robin Williams’ death was, it also seemed incongruous as his life had long been a celebration of bringing joy to others. Whether on TV, stage, or in many of his movies appearances, Williams’ craft was first and foremost as a comedian. That advocation of course made Williams a prime candidate for an invitation to fellow comedy-meister Jerry Seinfeld’s applauded web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I’m sure you are familiar with that show’s M.O., the host chooses a car or truck that he feels is evocative of that episode’s guest, and then the two of them go for coffee in said car. It’s simple, brilliant, and something that sadly well never get to experience in reality with Robin Williams. That doesn’t mean that we can’t imagine how such a show would play out. Everyone has been paying tribute to Mr. Williams’ talent since his untimely demise, and this is perhaps the way that we can as well. In that light, what we’d like to know from you is, what car or truck do you think Jerry Seinfeld would have chosen for this hypothetical meeting of the lost minds? Image: Filmajano

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