Hooniverse Asks- What Would be Your Car's Sign?

No Baby

People like to put signs on their cars the purpose of which is to alert other drivers of certain circumstances that might affect their interactions on the road. Typical of these are things like STUDENT DRIVER, or BABY ON BOARD, or perhaps a hand-written note asking for patience due to a driver attempting to master the stick shift. In other, less helpful instances it’s simply a bumper sticker that announces allegiance to one side or the other of the rabid and divisive political spectrum. You know- Hey everybody, I’m a jerk and I want the whole world to know it!

Today I’d like you to think about your driving habits. Is there something about how you drive – like a propensity for doing so hammer-down, or your love of open window harmonizing with your favorite barbershop quartet CDs –  that ideally should require a sign to alert others? Or perhaps you like to take your penguin to the zoo but his weak constitution requires you to keep it slow and easy, wouldn’t notification of that fact be considerate?

The news is full of stories these days about how our future cars will actually talk to one another via wireless, informing of parameters such as speed and intention of lane changes. That’s all well and good if your name happens to be George Jetson, but today our car-to-car communication is limited to signs and hand gestures. Considering the more socially acceptable nature of the former, and your particular driving habits, what do you think should be your sign?

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